Marketing Assistant

Zechariah joined the TKG team in 2019 as a Sales Coordinator and assists coworkers as they onboard new clients and communciate with current clients.

Growing up, Zech could be found cruising the neighborhood on his skateboard, attending local concerts and hanging out with his friends. Over the years, his interests have expanded into hiking, traveling, watching movies and reading.

Although he has yet to explore the world to its edges, Zech plans to one day travel to Italy and Israel. In the meantime, he explores the worlds of systematic theology, politics and history between the pages of books.

Zechariah Zechariah

Where he gained his knowledge

Zechariah graduated from Wadsworth High School and went on to obtain his Associate of Science in Education from Stark State College. To further his professional experiences, Zech spent a few years (9 to be exact) working for a team of comprehensive pain management specialists where he gained his experience in customer service.

Skills and Expertise

  • EMR
  • Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service

When not at work, Zech's life revolves around

  • Family and faith
  • Listening to music
  • Going to the shooting range with friends
  • Reading

Little known facts

  • He's one of seven boys in his family
  • He enjoys a good Ginger Beer (make some recommendations!)
  • He thinks Leslie Nielsen was one of the funniest people of all time
  • Can be OCD (which explains why all of these lines are in order from shortest to longest)

Favorite places on the web