Geoff founded The Karcher Group in 1997. Over the past 26 years, he's taken The Karcher Group from its humble beginnings in his parent's basement to a full service digital agency with a growing team.

Since the beginning, he has used innovation to help us stay at the forefront of the Web business. In fact, he began offering search engine marketing services as early as 1998 — long before SEO became the industry standard it is today.

Geoff remains very involved in all aspects of his business and oversees sales, web development, and digital marketing. He always has a big idea or project cookin', so watch out if he stops by your desk. That generally means he's come up with his latest brainchild and wants you to implement it, ASAP! (He always asks nicely, though.) Geoff's favorite part of his job, though, is working with clients to help them leverage digital for growth. Especially if they give him an excuse to visit somewhere with great weather. 

Geoff also contributes to our online marketing blog where he gives his common sense take on the web business. In an industry notorious for chasing the latest (unproven) fads, Geoff has always taken a more long-term, measured approach to Web Development & Online Marketing based on sound business principles.

Outside of the office, you can find Geoff with his and Amy's huge families, on a boat, or camping. In fact, Geoff loves the outdoors so much that he organizes a camping trip every summer for TKG employees and their families. This is no ordinary camping trip — we're talkin' cabins, boats, and great food on the grill! That's just the kind of guy Geoff is.

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Where he gained his knowledge

Geoff has worked in the Web world since 1994 – basically before most people knew what the Internet was. He also worked at Polysort, Imperium Internet, and as a Web Specialist for Thomas Register. Of course, managing the gang is experience enough for anyone!

Skills and Expertise

  • Understanding a client’s business challenges and applying the web to help
  • Stepping back from the tactical details and gaining long term perspective on goals and outcomes
  • Bridging the gap from technical to executive level English
  • Leveraging the game of golf to build lasting partnerships


   HubSpot Client Management Certification    HubSpot CMS Implementation Certification

When not at work, Geoff's life revolves around

  • God
  • His wife (Amy), children: Mary Kate, Tommy, Sammy, Julia (aka Jelly), Annie, Peter, Ruby, Theo and family
  • Boating, water skiing, camping, hiking – anything outdoors
  • Friends

Little known facts

  • When he was younger, Geoff wanted to be a business man so he could do what his dad did: “take people out to lunch”
  • Grew up in Phoenix, AZ for three years
  • Used to be a pretty good break dancer, and then skateboarder (his skillz are limitless)