How to Find New Employees Using 4 Digital Marketing Tactics

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How to Find New Employees Using 4 Digital Marketing Tactics

Are you wondering how to find new employees and hire top talent? Upgrading your digital marketing strategy can play a big part in finding the right people to hire. Businesses tend to think digital marketing is mostly for reaching customers. However, it can be incredibly helpful in attracting new employees.

By focusing on these four marketing tactics, you’ll have less trouble finding employees and attract the top talent you need:

  1. Upgrade your branding
  2. Narrow your focus with digital ads
  3. Show and tell with video
  4. Bring personality to social media

Upgrade Your Branding

You know the adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” It’s a nice sentiment to not assume things about books, people, and the like based on their appearances. However, we all do it, even if it’s subconscious. When it comes to business, what does your brand look like? People who are job searching will be harsh critics of your logo, website design, and the way you talk about your business online.

Now, they probably won’t have a printed scorecard to judge you by, but the little things will add up in their brain. If the logo looks outdated, the website is hard to navigate, and you don’t sound like a good place to work for, they’ll subconsciously assume that the business is run that way—old-fashioned, slow, difficult, and boring.

Improved branding will help potential new hires get a better feel for who you are and what you do. It will visually tell your story, which will complement the actual written words throughout your website.

Narrow Your Focus with Digital Ads

When it comes to hiring top talent, you can twiddle your thumbs as you simply wait for them to come to you. Or, you can also run digital ads so you can essentially go to them.

Running display or PPC ads that are targeted toward the types of people you’d like to hire will put your name and open positions in front of them. Developing smart, creative visuals and copy for them will get those people to click and view the job openings they should apply for.

Yes, running digital ads will cost money on top of the time and budget of developing them, but it can be worth it. If you’ve created compelling ads that are finely tuned to target the right segment of people, you’ll find that the investment was a smart idea – and maybe even saved you time in the end.

Show and Tell with Video

Improved branding, rich storytelling on your website, and good photography can help paint a picture of the work you do and your team culture. Relying on this, however, assumes everyone who researches your company has the time to view multiple webpages and read through it all.

Creating a brand or hiring video that shows off the working environment, fun office activities, comradery among coworkers, and more, will help your business stand out to potential employees. They’ll feel immersed in your world instead of looking in from the outside.

Video can highlight your company as a whole or focus solely on what it’s like to work there. You can feature sweeping shots of the office or production area, highlighting the aspects that make you a great company to work for. Or you can feature on-camera interviews with employees about their experience working at the company and with coworkers.

Bring Personality to Social Media

Having a social media presence is another way to signal that your business is not outdated. Frequent posting will show potential employees that you enjoy educating your audience on your products and services, keeping people informed on new products or changes to the company, and sharing industry news. Beyond that, social media helps show off your brand’s personality and the more casual aspects of the work environment.

Posting photos and videos of team lunches, ugly sweater holiday parties, celebrating big wins, and more will bring more humanity to your brand’s online presence. Having strong brand recognition is good, but showing the people behind the brand is even better.

You’re looking to hire real humans who want to know there are real humans in the workplace. It seems like a simple concept to prove, but when your business regularly uses social media, you’ll find that the process becomes even easier. People will immediately learn what your company is like, how you treat your employees, and what you stand for from interacting with other social media accounts and discussing current topics.

Hire the Right People with Digital Marketing

Coming to the end of this article, you may find yourself wondering how to execute these ideas. Partnering with a digital marketing agency can help you develop and implement a marketing strategy to reach the folks you’d like to hire.

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