E-commerce isn't a trend, it’s how business gets done. Almost every business is impacted by e-commerce in one way or another. That reality isn’t changing any time soon. These are the reasons that e-commerce web design is so important. In the early days of e-commerce the design, usability and performance of your website weren’t nearly as critical as they are today. The competition is stiffer and the expectations of users are much higher than they were when we started building e-commerce sites back in the late 90s. We’ve learned a lot about designing and building websites that actually sell over the last couple decades. We would be happy to put that experience to work for your business.

Keys to success in building an e-commerce website:

  • Speed. Your e-commerce site must be fast
  • Trust. From the design of your website, to a clear SSL, it must foster trust
  • You’ve got to have thorough product details and images
  • Honest reviews, the good and the bad
  • Visibility in the search engines for both marketing content and product pages
  • Security, earn the confidence of your users
  • Unique content. You cannot just duplicate someone else’s work
  • Real time integration with ERP, CRM and Inventory

Common e-commerce mistakes

  • Duplicate content, some platforms build product pages wrong
  • Re-purposed content, don’t just regurgitate what the manufacturer gave you
  • Curated reviews, honesty is key
  • Technical SEO errors (more than one URL per product for example)
  • Un-trust worthy web design
  • Non responsive design

Building an e-commerce website is much more than just selecting a platform and “loading some products”. If you want a long term return on investment in your e-com business, it’s worthwhile to take the time to build a strategy that includes both the technology and the content aspects. Large platforms like Amazon have raised the bar for all of us in the e-commerce spaceeven if we're working on B2B ecommerce websitesby making it very easy for consumers to research and buy on their platform. If you want your business to benefit from those expectations, be ready to put in the work.

E-commerce platforms we build websites in:

While we do our best to be platform agnostic, we do have some that we work in more often than not. Because we have true web developers on our team, we are able to operate in most modern environments. Here are a few of the most common:

  • WordPress/Woocommerce
  • Shopify
  • Umbraco/Ucommerce

If you are looking to design an e-commerce website, we would love to have a conversation. 

Contact us to learn more about building e-commerce website.

Top E-commerce Questions:

How long does it take to achieve ROI on an e-commerce website?

Time to ROI depends. If you are re-designing an established e-commerce site, ROI can be achieved rather quickly. We will need to pay attention to things like current traffic sources, search engine ranking retention and top performing products. With those things in place, a newer, faster and more usable design usually leads to higher conversion rates in a matter of weeks.

Do you build SEO into your e-commerce websites?

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. However, every site we build is search engine friendly, you can trust that we will not make common mistakes like creating duplicate content. Of course, we do also offer SEO services to keep you on a growth path.

Do you build custom e-commerce websites?

Yes. Almost every e-commerce site we build is custom in one way or another. No two businesses are alike. We see it as our responsibility to help you select the right e-commerce platform and implement a plan that fits your business needs and goals.

Can you integrate my e-commerce website with my inventory management system?

Absolutely. Because we have true programmers and web developers on our team, we have been able to integrate e-commerce websites with dozens of ERP and inventory management systems over the years. Even if you’ve got an AS400 leftover from the 90s, our team will make it happen.

Do you build responsive e-commerce websites?

Yes every website we build whether it is e-commerce or lead generation, is designed in a fully responsive way.

Can I manage my e-commerce website myself?

Yes. Most modern e-commerce website platforms come with a built in content management system and products management module. Our team will build your new website, then train you and your team on how to use that system to your best advantage.

Can you integrate with my CRM?

Yes, we can integrate with almost any CRM system. In many of the e-commerce sites we build today there are already built in integrations with the most popular CRM systems like HubSpot, Salesforce/Pardot and Sugar.

How do you measure performance of an e-commerce website?

Sales. That’s the simplest answer. There are other indicators such traffic generated by search engines, conversion rates and lead generation. However, an e-commerce website’s purpose is to generate revenue. If you work with TKG, we won’t sugarcoat reports with “good indicators”. We will keep the measurement focused on your revenue.