Ohio is a heavy manufacturing state, which is certainly why we’ve gotten so good at building lead generation websites. We learned early on that building websites that are designed to help people solve problems, answer questions and initiate conversations are a key asset in a growth strategy. 

Keys to success with lead-gen websites:

  • Provide enough detail that your users can real answers
  • Make sure your content answers top questions your sales team receives
  • Ensure your website is highly accessible and easy to navigate
  • Give technical details of your product or service, don't hold back 
  • Build an SEO strategy focused on how your clients search
  • Leverage video wherever possible 
  • Provide clear, but not pushy, calls to action
  • Be ready to respond swiftly to RFQs and inquiries

Over the last 25 years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many companies building their digital strategies for growth. Whether you need a basic lead generation website or a full digital marketing strategy that leverages search marketing, marketing automation and digital advertising, our team has the experience to help you achieve real ROI.

Considerations when building lead generation websites:

  • ERP Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Content management system selection
  • Lead distribution and nurture strategy
  • Keeping content compliant - especially in banking and healthcare industries

Our web development team has decades worth of experience in integrating with various back end systems, implementing all sorts of content management systems and helping our clients achieve their goals. We regularly develop lead generation websites in WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco, Kentico, HubSpot CMS as well as other content management systems. Our goal is to learn enough about your business and business systems to bring the best solution for your challenge.


Top questions about Lead Generation Websites:


Is one content management system better than another for lead generation?

Not in our opinion. We believe your business environment has more to do with selecting the right CMS. Things we will consider before making a recommendation will be what ERP system or other integrations will we have? Do you have experience with a given CMS that might drive productivity among your team? Do you have a CRM that we will be leveraging? The answers to these questions will help us choose the right CMS for your website. The reality is that any content management system we leverage, from WordPress to Drupal and Umbraco, will come with some inherent flaws. Especially as it relates to search engine optimization, which is key to building a good lead generation strategy. The good news, is we know those flaws are there and we know how to fix them from the outset.

How long should it take to design a website?

That's certainly a loaded question. Of course the size and scale of the website that your business requires will have a lot to do with the timeline. That said, we can say from experience that any professionally designed and thought out website is going to take at least 4-6 months. We realize that there are many agencies that will promise much lower budgets and much shorter timelines than we will. All we will say about that is that our goal is to make commitments we intend to keep.  As always there are exceptions to every rule. TKG Access, our division for small businesses, can produce websites in a handful of weeks. 

How many pages should my website be?

There is no single answer to that question. Of course it has a lot to do with how large your organization is and scale of your product and service offering. If you are small manufacturer that makes a few niche products, you may very well be able to build a 5 or 10 page website and do very well. If you are an enterprise organization that serves a large market it's likely that your website is going to require hundreds of pages to serve the needs of your customers and potential customers. In our strategy phase, we will help you identify the right amount of content that your website should have at launch as well as the ongoing content needs to build an effective SEO and content marketing strategy to ensure your website generates the leads you need to grow.

Do your websites have have SEO built in?

In an ideal world, every client would engage us for both web development and SEO. For a number of reasons, that's not always the case. So every website we build is what we consider to be SEO friendly. That means the design will be responsive and fast, we will secure the site with an SSL, it will have a human and search engine friendly URL structure and we will address content management system faults that cause duplicate content. 

Can you integrate my leads into my CRM or Marketing Automation platform?

Absolutely. Any good lead generation website should be backed up by a marketing automation strategy to nurture those leads. No matter what content management system we build your website on, or what marketing automation platform you use, we will integrate your web forms so your leads are immediately available to your sales team. We are very comfortable with HubSpot, Sugar, Pardot, Active Campaign, Bronto and SharpSpring as well as the smaller email marketing platforms like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. 

Does online lead generation work for industrial manufacturers?

Our headquarters is in Northeast Ohio and our "warmer" office is in Charlotte NC. So to say that we grew up surrounded by industrial manufacturers would be an understatement. It's fair to say that over 50% of the lead generation websites we build are for manufacturers. Some of those partners manufacture consumer goods of course, but the bulk make things like robotic packaging lines, highway guardrail and industrial hinges. We have many client relationships that exceed 15 years. Those partnerships are built on relationships of course, but a big part of those relationships is generating real results in the form of leads that turn into revenue. We can say with a high degree of confidence that digital marketing for lead generation absolutely works for industrial manufacturers, and we have the data to prove it. 

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