Digital Marketing Agency for Manufacturing Companies.

At TKG, we've been partnering with manufacturing companies for over 25 years, building digital footprints that generate real revenue opportunities. 

Cutting Edge Digital Marketing for Industry Leading Manufacturers

With more than 25 years of experience building and executing digital strategies for leading industrial and manufacturing companies, we have the know-how to help you grow your business.

Our approach includes understanding our client’s goals, reviewing the data, conducting competitive analysis and walking the shop floors and production lines to see firsthand the processes and learn how to best craft and position their story.

If you’re looking for a manufacturing marketing agency whose focus is on helping you grow, give us call. We would love to put our expertise to work.

Marketing for manufacturing means answering important questions

  • How can our engineers use our website to source and sell components?

  • Will direct to customer e-commerce upset our existing distribution network?

  • How do we best serve end users in markets with little or no distributor presence?

  • How do we present complexity of our engineer so our sales teams can leverage it online? 

  • Can TKG's digital marketing support our small, traditional marketing teams? 

  • How can we replace lead generation events, like conventions and trade shows during social distancing? 

These are just a few of the questions that we help our manufacturing clients answer every day. We partner with our clients to craft solutions that work inside their organization, marketing departments, or shop floors. Our deep bench of experienced designers, writers, videographers and digital marketers understand how to extract the story of your business, products, and services, and leverage it online to generate revenue. 

What you get with TKG

Whether we're designing and developing a user-centric website or crafting a comprehensive content strategy to help drive traffic to your website, our brand strategyweb development and digital marketing capabilities have proven to help manufacturers grow.

Dedicated team

It takes a team to create value for our clients. When you work with us you get your own dedicated team of creatives, strategists, digital marketers and web developers devoted to moving your business forward.

Custom strategy

We understand that every company has different goals and one strategy certainly doesn’t fit all. Our specialty is tailoring digital marketing strategies to your business, goals and audience.

Industry know-how

From manufacturing processes to trade shows and sales leads, we speak your language.

Our track record speaks for itself. Take a look!

If you own a local business, or are the person tasked with lead generation and online growth, we're here to help you hit your goals. We've built a reputation for performance by taking an honest, partnership driven approach with a no-nonsense focus on generating sales--not just site traffic.

United Titanium

15 year partner that has worked with us on everything from branding to web design, video content, SEO and advertising. Our initiatives are focused on helping design engineers understand how UTI can support them from product design and engineering all the way through multi-year production runs on everything from dental implants to submarines. 

Combi Packaging Systems

10 year partnership that has worked with us on multiple website builds, SEO, digital advertising and branding. We have been alongside Combi as they have grown from a small end-of-line, highly custom packaging equipment shop to a large-scale  packaging equipment and automation supplier to some of the biggest brands in the world. 

Slick Woody's Cornhole Co.

Relatively new 3 year partner that manufacturers a consumer product (cornhole boards) marketed both direct to consumer via e-commerce and via a distribution network. We help with SEO, PPC, marketing automation and development work with their Shopify store. We are currently in the middle of their third record sales year. 

Keller Technology Corporation

5 year partner. Our job is to help them reach leadership and engineering teams in high-tech manufacturers such as medical device companies. Because Keller manufactures tight specification machinery, they needed a marketing partner to help them reach a very specific audience with a message that resonates. We leverage web design, SEO, digital advertising, video and a bit of marketing automation to make that happen. 

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If you own a manufacturing company or are the person tasked with lead generation and online growth, we would love to be part of the conversation. 


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