E-Commerce SEO & HubSpot Case Study.

See how we leveraged SEO, PPC and Marketing Automation to grow sales

Our friends at Slick Woody’s, a manufacturer of premium cornhole boards and other tailgating activities, came to us looking for SEO support for their e-commerce website. Needless to say they are a great culture fit for TKG so we were excited to dive in.  They also happen to be neighbors, they manufacture right here in North Canton. 

Slick Woody’s in years past, had many fundamentals in place. Their leadership had been hands on with the execution of a written and video content effort as well as optimization of a good bit of that content. However, as their business grew they needed some more hands on deck to rebuild and maintain their SEO momentum. That’s where we came in.

After doing our initial marketing research that included keyword research, competitive benchmarking, etc. we came to Slick Woody’s with a plan for TKG to partner with their talented team to fill in the gaps and begin an enhanced search engine optimization initiative.




SEO & PPC Strategy

Leverage SEO

In the SEO space, we built better product descriptions, added educational content regarding the rules of Cornhole and improved website architecture to emphasize their core products that related to competitive phrases.

PPC Optimization

Their previous PPC agency was spending a lot of money buying core brand phrases rather than product phrases so they were not capturing new customers. We shifted the PPC strategy to acquire new customers with a balance of the right ad and bidding strategy supported by excellent content on the website.


One of the best things that TKG has to offer is having a deep line-up of specialized people to execute every piece of their strategy"


Danny Evans

Owner, Slick Woody's

They also had a domain name that was inconsistent with the brand. After careful consideration, we decided it was in their best long term interest to update their website look and feel and implement a domain transition plan. As anyone familiar with SEO will validate, changing domains is a very dangerous proposition that can devastate a website in the eyes of Google. We made it clear that despite implementing a ranking retention strategy to minimize the impact, they should still expect to see a drop in traffic and sales in the short term. They did initially but soon the traffic returned and they were gaining momentum. By the end of their first year of working with us:


End of first year results:


increase in revenue


increase in orders


increase in website users from organic sources

As our partnership with Slick Woody’s grew, they entrusted us with other aspects of their digital marketing including HubSpot marketing automation. Within months, email marketing was performing better than it ever had been:


Email Marketing


increase in web traffic from HubSpot


increase in revenue from marketing automation


increase in orders from marketing automation

In year two they gave us the opportunity to manage their digital advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Amazon. There is a big difference between “running PPC ads” and actively managing a multi-channel digital advertising strategy. Within months there was a dramatic uptick in performance. We increased their return on ad spend from less than 4:1 to 9:1 and their digital advertising quickly became a primary driver of a record year in sales. After two years of working together, we achieved the following:


SEO, PPC, and HubSpot together


increase in revenue


increase in orders


increase in sales from organic sources


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