Project Manager

Makenna grew up in Massillon, Ohio with her parents and four younger siblings. She has always been passionate about making fun videos and content for anything and everything. Her commitment to creativity and organization has helped in orchestrating the intricate dance of tasks and timelines, all while ensuring a touch of creativity infuses every project. 

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Where she gained her knowledge

Makenna earned her bachelor's degrees in Digital Media Communications and Corporate Communications with honors, graduating cum laude from Walsh University. Throughout her academic journey, she spearheaded the conception and execution of a dynamic live show for the university, showcasing her creativity and leadership abilities. Prior to joining TKG, Makenna honed her skills in both customer service and digital media management as a barista and social media manager at the Human Bean. This experience allowed her to refine her ability to connect with audiences and leverage digital platforms effectively to drive engagement and brand awareness.  

Skills and Expertise

  • Detail-oriented
  • Communications and customer service  
  • Project management 


When not at work, Makenna's life revolves around

  • Spending time with her 4 siblings: Rylee, Joey, Leo and Sami
  • Traveling and being outdoors  
  • Binge-watching reality tv shows

Little known facts

  • She was a gymnast for 15 years 
  • Makenna and her youngest sibling are 20 years apart  
  • She is a coffee enthusiast

Favorite places on the web

Some of Makenna's favorite digital tools:

  • TikTok 
  • YouTube
  • Instagram