Chief Financial Officer

At TKG, Angela manages and oversees our financial operations and strategies and serves as our Entrepreneur Operating Systems Integrator. As a seasoned CFO and strategic integrator, Angela honed her leadership skills to orchestrate success in diverse businesses. With a wealth of experience, she has not only navigated financial strategies but has become a driving force in aligning teams for optimal performance. Her leadership style revolves around fostering collaboration, inspiring innovation and building cohesive teams that thrive under strategic direction. 
In the realm of strategic management, Angela has excelled in integrating complex elements to achieve organizational synergy. As a CFO, she has been instrumental in steering financial strategies, optimizing controls and ensuring compliance with a keen eye on the big picture. Angela’s journey is defined by a commitment to not just lead, but to integrate, bringing together people and strategies to propel organizations toward their overarching goals. 

Angela Angela

Where she gained her knowledge

Angela earned a B.S. in Accounting at Missouri State University. Later, she became a licensed CPA in Missouri and recently, a licensed CPA in Ohio.

Skills and Expertise

  • Leadership 
  • Team Building 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Financial Strategy

When not at work, Angela's life revolves around

  • Spending time with her husband, Ty and three boys Taylor, Dalton and Aiden 
  • Spending time with fur children, Murphy, Winston and Chloe 
  • Traveling 

Little known facts

  • Had her first job in accounting at the age of 14 
  • Was selected for a FFA leadership conference in Washington DC in high school 
  • Is an introvert 
  • Has had 7 surgeries 

Favorite places on the web