Technical Account Specialist

Thomas has been around TKG all his life, but over the last 5 or 6 years he's had the opportunity to find the area he enjoys the most. Right now that's working in our IT services department helping clients leverage MS Office 365 and other security and productivity tools to run their businesses better.

Thomas Thomas

Where he gained his knowledge

As an Eagle Scout, he learned a lot about hard work, perseverance and leadership. He's learning to apply those skills at the office, while completing his degree at Kent State. Thomas is also actively pursuing education and certifications in the IT security and CRM platforms we help clients with.


When not at work, Thomas's life revolves around

  • God and family
  • Boating, water skiing and swimming
  • Working on his Jeep - and his friends' Jeeps
  • Improving his technical skills by completing certification programs

Little known facts

  • Thomas earned his Eagle Scout at the age of 15
  • He attended and staffed the Scouts' National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
  • He does a pretty good Trump impersonation—it's tremendous. Ugely the best. The absolute best you’ve ever heard, believe me.
  • He listens to all music from classic rock to R&B and even some alternative

Favorite places on the web