Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of TKG, Patrick makes sure the business runs smoothly in order to get valued work done for our clients in Ohio and Charlotte. He works hard to make sure our office’s day-to-day operations run efficiently and our strategic direction is defined and updated, while also overseeing the sales, client services, IT and finance departments. Phew, we’re tired just typing it all! He's also fascinated with cars (he only has four) and is full of auto knowledge.

Patrick has also been key in helping our company adjust and stay focused as we've added lots of new employees, clients and even office space over the past several years. Through it all, he's able to keep things running smoothly!

Patrick Patrick

Where he gained his knowledge

Miami University-Oxford, OH
In between dreaming about cars, Patrick earned a B.A. in Speech Communication, with a Minor in Marketing. He was also an "IT guy/project manager" at Oak Associates, Ltd., after a gig managing the data center at Dairy Mart, Inc. corporate headquarters.

Skills and Expertise

  • Overseeing day to day operation of the company
  • Working with the department managers
  • Vendor Management
  • TKG Cheerleader

When not at work, Patrick's life revolves around

  • His wife (Kari), Daughters (Anna Grace & Charlotte) & three cats
  • Family & Friends
  • His house & working in the yard
  • Camping & being outside!

Little known facts

  • Hates mushrooms
  • He wanted to be a Vehicle Test Driver for the Ford Company when he grew up
  • Moved 5 times while growing up
  • Was one of 5 people to found the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity chapter at Miami University

Favorite places on the web