Digital Strategy Manager

Kelsey believes that the best content strategy uses both the head and the heart. Her experience in marketing research and analytics has made her a proponent of data-driven strategy, and her natural inclination for empathy helps to create content that connects with the reader.

Kelsey Kelsey mobile

Where she gained her knowledge

Kelsey received her bachelor's in communication with a minor in Spanish in 2011 and her MBA in 2020, but she is a firm believer that learning is valuable in its many forms. Whether a classroom or an office, in the U.S. or around the world, she believes that we can learn from everyone we meet.

Skills and Expertise

  • Content Strategy
  • Branding
  • Writing/Editing

When not at work, Kelsey's life revolves around

  • Her husband, Jeff
  • Their three girls, Mariella, Amelia, and Ava
  • Their dog, Chaco

Little known facts

  • She lived in Asuncion, Paraguay for a year during college.
  • She enjoys making pottery.
  • She enjoys the challenge of making a good croissant.

Favorite places on the web