Some industries have an easier time with marketing.

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At TKG, we take pride in getting to know our clients. We’ve been in business for over 25 years, and our team’s diverse backgrounds allow us to directly relate to our clients and the daily challenges they face.


As a result, we’re able to provide industry insight and results-focused strategic initiatives to help our clients achieve and exceed their goals.


Whether you’re a family-owned company, manufacturer, a bank, school, non-profit organization or a health care company, we have the skills and expertise to anticipate changes within your industry, provide hands-on support and come back to you with creative digital solutions.

We know how to drive digital results 

Don’t see your specific industry mentioned? No worries. We are always looking for new opportunities to deliver impact. Let’s talk.

Digital marketing for manufacturers

We understand the challenges that manufacturers face with digital marketing. From keeping distributors content to driving foot traffic in big box stores, we’ve faced them all. We build digital marketing strategies that generate opportunity across the board.

Digital advertising and marketing for dealerships

From car dealers to fork lifts to RV dealers, dealerships have a unique challenge when it comes to digital marketing. For years, we've helped our clients overcome those challenges, driving more people into their dealerships. 

Marketing for professional services

Law firms, CPA firms and other professional services organizations have a tough challenge when it comes to digital marketing. We realize your clients aren’t going to “order” your services online, but we do have the experience to help you get the conversation started the right way.

Web marketing for financial services

Whether you’re a financial advisor, a lender or a banking institution, trust is key. Digital marketing has to be done with a keen eye on detail, compliance and stability. We understand the challenge and have a track record of success in these markets.

Marketing in the health care space

Between corporate red tape and compliance issues, marketing for health care providers and payers is a challenge for sure. It’s also a substantial opportunity. We’ve served organizations on both ends of the spectrum in this space and have the experience to build effective strategies for growth.

Digital marketing for higher ed and private schools

We've had the opportunity to work with several schools including small private schools, charter schools, colleges and universities. We understand how to leverage SEO, digital advertising and social content. Those blended with the right student and parent oriented content will drive campus tours and opportunities.


Need help growing your business with digital marketing? We can help.

Whether you are a B2B manufacturer looking to bring in leads, a B2C business seeking a loyal brand following or an e-commerce retailer searching for ways to boost sales, you’ve come to the right place.


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