It's true that the web hosting business has become commoditized. Large companies like Amazon and GoDaddy offer very low budget options for companies that are satisfied with a self service model and don't mind giving up a bit of their data.

For those that want friendly personalities and professional hands keeping an eye on their website, we still offer a full suite of web hosting solutions. Yes, we'll cost a few dollars more, but we will keep your website fast, secure and up to date. We believe that your digital front door should always be open for business in a secure way, so it's worth it to pay a few more dollars to keep it that way.

We leverage a mix of cloud based solutions as well as our own datacenter that we've maintained for over 20 years to bring the best solution to each client. 

Standard Web Hosting Prices:

$85 - $150/month* + $200 one-time set up

  • Drupal hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Umbraco hosting
  • Kentico hosting

Cloud and SAAS Services We Provide and Manage:

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Azure
  • HubSpot CMS and CRM
  • Cloudflare CDN

Top questions about Web Hosting with TKG:


Why would I pay you so much more than Godaddy charges to host my website?

Excellent question. Godaddy has built a great business re-selling AWS hosting. The difference between our hosting services and something like Godaddy is that we are hands on with customer services as compared to their "self service" model. There is no doubt for very small businesses, or for organizations with a large IT infrastructure, a self service hosting provider is great. Our clients tend to be mid market companies that want to know they can rely on a trusted partner to keep their website fast and secure. The extra $200-$300 per year is worth it.

Do you host websites locally or in the cloud?

A mixture. We do still maintain our own datacenter where we host many websites. However for some instances like WordPress hosting and Drupal hosting there are cloud providers that we leverage. We still take responsibility for maintenance, updates and reliability so our clients don't have to sweat the details.

 Do you offer 24x7 support?

Yes. Because of the nature of the web hosting business, we have to make our team accessible to our clients at all times. These days hosting is so reliable that we don't have much need for it, but our clients do have access to us 24x7. Our team is physically located in our North Canton office in close range to Akron and Cleveland. 

Is your web hosting as fast as cloud providers?

Yes. For years we have taken pride in offering best in class web hosting services. Many of our sites are hosted in the cloud on AWS, Azure etc. In addition, we offer CDN services to all of our clients with significantly improves website speed.

Aren't you just a web hosting re-seller if you are using cloud services?

In some cases yes we are re-selling another company's web hosting service. That said, we do add a layer of hands on customer service to our clients that cloud providers simply don't offer. For instance, we will often have clients bring their personal equipment and mobile devices for our Web Operations team to configure. While that's not a formal service we offer, it's an example of the kind of customer service that sets us apart.

Contact us to learn more about our shared, virtual and dedicated hosting solutions.