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Building B2B strategies

Many businesses assume taking their B2B marketing strategies in-house — or even not having any marketing strategy at all — will be enough for them. But when you skip out on marketing to your core consumers, you miss incredible opportunities— and all related revenue.

Creating proactive B2B marketing strategies will help you level up your business. When you work with a digital marketing agency like TKG (formerly The Karcher Group), we can help you discover who your target audiences are, along with messaging that speaks directly to them. Based on this information, we’ll develop marketing tactics that increase website traffic, build brand awareness and generate quality leads.

B2C vs. B2B marketing strategies

At TKG, our partners work in both B2B and B2C (business-to-consumer) realms. We know how the marketing styles vary and what it takes to reach your target audience.


Business-to-business brands focus on potential clients who need time and nurturing to make a decision. Because these customers are looking to invest in highly technical products and equipment, it’s important to develop relationships with them across your website, email marketing, social media and more. They want to learn about your products, services and your brand. They’re curious about what you offer to address their needs. And they want to know how their investment into your brand can evolve over time as their business grows.


You and your sales team are probably familiar with phone calls, emails, tradeshows and so on that help you meet potential clients and nurture your current ones. B2C brands don’t tend to go that route. By working with a B2B marketing agency, you’ll essentially double your efforts in attracting leads. (And if you need help with emails, tradeshow booth design and other tools, we can help with those as well.)


Whether or not you’ve tried digital marketing in the past, we will work with you to formulate a thorough digital marketing strategy to bring real results to your company. We have numerous B2B partners in a variety of industries — so there’s a good chance we’re already familiar with yours.

Maintenance services - lawn care, cleaning, etc.

Higher education and private schools


B2B Marketing Services

We offer an incredible array of components in our B2B digital marketing strategies. Once we get to know your business, we’ll zero in on the tactics we think are necessary to find new leads and grow your revenue.


When it comes to digital marketing, paid search and pay-per-click go hand in hand. Our expertly managed B2B PPC solutions can increase traffic, improve visitor quality, accelerate conversions and grow your ROI – all while you sit back and enjoy the benefits of not having to manage it yourself.


SEO has evolved to encompass factors like website security, speed and architecture. However, one thing has remained true over the decades we've been leveraging search engine optimization for our clients: We generate the best results by focusing on the user rather than the search engine's algorithm.


Whether you’re an established brand that needs an updated B2B website or a business that needs to develop an online presence, we can help. Our in-house team takes a holistic approach to design and development that ensures that your website is an active part of your lead-gen process. From e-commerce, content management systems, UX planning to hosting and support, we are the partner to reach your web goals.


We develop great social media marketing strategies built on compelling, customer-focused content that incorporates today’s best social media tactics. You’ll be able to build your brand’s presence in a way that works for your needs. (If you want TikTok, great! If not, we won’t make you dance in front of the camera.)


Your content needs to stand out among the crowd. As a B2B content marketing agency, we do that by first defining your target audiences and auditing the content that is already on your site. Then, we plan and create various types of content—such as blog posts, website copy, whitepapers, press releases, and more—that speak to your target audience. Finally, we ensure it all measures up to your KPIs.


If you need to tell your story, have a complex process to visualize or want to showcase how your equipment works, video and motion graphics are excellent ways to gain traction and understanding with customers. With years of experience working with manufactures, we've specialized in taking CAD files of your products and providing quality animations and product renders to be utilized across all forms of media.


You hear it every year: Email is not dead. And it’s true! This hearty marketing tool helps you strategically interact with your customers based on their timing in the buyer's journey.


Email and marketing automation are incredible ways to provide quality, targeted messaging to your audience. They can help with everything from your sales team following up on cold leads to better communication during the sales process.


Results with heart. Planned with a purpose. The work we create together matters to both our clients and to our team.


Position yourself to be the go-to in your niche industry.