We’ve all seen enough headlines to know the importance of cybersecurity, and security is a top concern when it comes to your website. Even if you don’t have online transactions or store customer data, hackers are interested in websites for many reasons beyond capturing user information. Imagine the impact on your brand if your site is hacked and inappropriate links or content are added without your knowledge.

While there is no silver bullet for security, we do have tools that help us safeguard your website. TKG uses industry-recognized software to scan your website(s), and our security-trained experts review the results and recommend remediation steps in line with your risk assessment. 

Our Security Scans include:  

  • OWASP TOP 10  
  • Common security vulnerabilities  
  • Application and server misconfiguration  
  • XSS vulnerabilities  
  • SQL injection vulnerabilities  

Website Security Audit details:

  • 1 Day turn-around
  • Scan completed during low traffic hours
  • Reviewed by a certified technician
  • High level summary of required action items
  • Investment $600.00

If you're not sure about the security of your website no matter how large, or what platform it's on, this security audit is a great place to start.

Top questions about website security audits:

How long does your website security scan take?

We turn them around in 1 business day. We take your information, run the tools, have our team evaluate then provide you real recommendations you can implement along with our assessment of your risk.

Can't I just run a penetration test on my own website?

Absolutely. The reality is that most of us just get too busy with our day jobs to take the time to identify a quality product, run the scan then interpret it. It can certainly be accomplished without our help. We are offering this service because we have already vetted the best tools, and have the team on site to evaluate the results giving our clients an "executive summary" so they don't have to dive into the details.

What are the risks of not performing a security scan on my website?

The answer to that question depends on a few things. Do you store or collect personal or financial information for your clients? How much do you value the integrity of your brand? The reason we suggest you ask yourself these questions is that website security doesn't just affect e-commerce. No one wants to have their customers call them tell them they found distasteful content on their website because it got hacked. Your brand is worth a few bucks a year to protect it.

What happens if the security audit finds big problems on my website?

We've got you. Rarely do we find truly urgent security risks when we run these scans. That said, if we do find something that requires immediate attention, we have the team and know how to help you resolve it.

Contact us to learn more about website security.