Digital marketing for dealerships.

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Dealerships deserve better than "manufacturer approved" vendors, especially auto dealers. If you’re a single-point auto dealer or an automotive dealer group looking to save money in your digital marketing spend, increase foot traffic, increase your revenue per sale, schedule more service tickets, then reach out to us. We’ll make it happen.


Digital marketing for car dealers can be hard, especially if the strategy is repurposed for many  dealerships, regardless of the make or location. Most dealership digital marketing agencies use a “canned” digital marketing strategy across all clients. Our team at TKG does not.


Every single-point-franchise car dealer or automotive dealer group we work with is assigned a dedicated team that defines, implements and manages their digital marketing strategy. You'll know the team working on your strategy and have access to the people doing the work.


Our team is also fully aware that your digital marketing must extend beyond car sales. We won't neglect your service department. We've had good success driving leads into our dealers' service departments. 


We understand making the move to do more digital marketing for your dealership or changing from your current digital marketing vendor can be a difficult decision. We’ve proven that working with us will yield an increase in SRP’s, VDP’s, form submissions, phone calls, chat sessions, foot traffic and sales.

Is your dealership asking these questions?

We've been in this business for over 25 years. We have a track record of success with dealerships of all shapes and sizes. Here are just a few of the questions that we're prepared to help you answer:



From search to display and social advertising, we have the experience to help you leverage your budget to achieve the best return on ad spend possible. We don't just rely on tools. We take a hands-on approach to invest your dollars for growth. Of course, we prefer that digital advertising is part of a broader strategy allowing us to meet users where they are searching and nurture the relationship once they have made contact.


Even well-written content can underperform from a search engine optimization perspective. That’s why we pair our content capabilities with a robust research and SEO team. Our job is to make sure we leverage every effort to improve your position in search engines. That doesn't mean we will do anything to spam the search engines. We're all white hat and above board here. We've been offering search engine optimization since 1997, so it's not just a new "buzzword" we added to our site to get your attention.


Whether you’re active in the social sphere or just starting out, you might have guessed – success on social doesn’t come easily. Over time, we’ll help you build a community of conversations, engagement and loyal brand advocates.


As a top digital branding agency, we dive deep into what makes your business unique and develop a strategic foundation that guides our brand strategy process. We consider the intangible parts of your brand that will make it worth remembering. The tone. The voice. The messaging. The elements that help create an authentic story that your customers can’t help becoming invested in.


Video is by far the most effective type of content for website users today. Videos are exciting to create and it's fun to watch them come together. Of course they can also be expensive. That's why we feel that it's about more than just the production value. To give our clients a real return on investment we wrap every video we produce in a strategy that influences everything from the first story board to the digital roll out strategy that will get the video noticed.


While we typically cannot and don’t design dealership websites, our development team has helped dealers enhance their websites beyond what they thought was possible or what their website provider told them was possible.

Our Work

Results with heart. Planned with a purpose. The work we create together matters to both our clients and to our team.