It’s hard to believe companies (ours included) still rely on email software to support their daily operations. There are countless programs available to reduce our dependency, but most businesses utilize one of several cloud-based tools, such as Office 365 or Google G Suite, to access their emails, contacts, calendars and more.

We’ve offered these services since well before they were officially “cloud based,” so it’s safe to say, we know them quite well. While you can certainly access these platforms directly via Microsoft and Google, TKG partners with both, and we are here to add a layer of accessible, hands-on customer service for our clients. Whether you are ready to make the switch and you need assistance in planning and migration, or you are an existing Office 365 user looking for additional support, we are here to help.

Benefits of Office 365 or G Suite

  • Easy administration  
  • No hardware to maintain
  • High reliability 
  • Convenience of app integrations

Reasons to use TKG:

  • Customer service provided by real, people
  • No additional cost compared to retail prices
  • Local support for migration, configuration etc.

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