Questions Your Digital Marketing Agency Should Have Asked

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Questions Your Digital Marketing Agency Should Have Asked

As strange as it may sound, not every web marketer is focused on their client’s needs. Quite often, they focus on web marketing “results” alone. In doing so, they forsake the core messaging that makes the web marketing campaign more than a superficial success.

In order to align the digital marketing with a company’s core principles and strengths, it’s important for them to get some deeper client knowledge before going full-steam into the campaign.

The questions below are just a few of the ones we ask our clients to ensure that we move in the right direction with keywords, content and website messaging. It ensures that we develop the highest quality content that is a match for visitor intent and expectations.

  1. Describe your target audience.
  2. What are your corporate core values, and how do you express them to your customers?
  3. What common objections do people have when they buy from you?
  4. How do you address those objections and convert prospects into satisfied buyers?
  5. What “hot points” help your customers take action?
  6. What information do your customers need in order to make an informed buying decision?
  7. What problems does your product or service solve?
  8. What sales approaches have worked in the past?
  9. What hasn’t worked?
  10. What are your other online and offline marketing efforts?
  11. What tone and feel best resonates with your customers?
  12. Who are your major competitors, and what do you feel are their stronger points over yours?
  13. Of the following metrics, which three are you most interested in improving? 
    1. Visits
    2. Conversions (i.e. sales or leads)
    3. Revenue
    4. Return on ad spend
    5. Cost per conversion
    6. Conversion rate
    8. Subscribers
    9. Engagement rate

Not every digital marketing agency is going to ask the same exact questions, but they should be asking questions that will allow them to tailor the web marketing campaign to your company’s unique needs and goals. It should raise a major red flag for you if your agency is not asking these types of questions.