How to Cut Through the Noise on Social Media with Professional Video & Photo

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How to Cut Through the Noise on Social Media with Professional Video & Photo

We live in a digital age of constant scrolling, where everyone is vying for our attention. So, how can your business cut through the white noise to capture the hearts of your target audience? The answer lies in original, eye-catching video and photography content for social media. Photo and video content receives the highest levels of engagement on social media and are the most memorable. In this blog we’ll explore what makes your video and photo content stand out and how you can harness that for your brand.  

Stand Out & Build Brand Trust  

In a crowded digital space, finding a way to differentiate yourself while staying true to your brand identity is crucial. One way to achieve this is through attention-grabbing and engaging original content. Using stock imagery may seem convenient, but audiences have begun recognizing the generic nature of such visuals. Constantly relying on stock imagery can lead to your audience questioning the legitimacy of your brand or the quality of your products or services. Today's digital audience values authentic images of your team, products or service over highly polished text posts and overly polished stock imagery. Investing in high-quality video and photography helps build their trust in your brand, foster a connection with your audience and build a community of brand advocates online. 

Balance Trends & Stay On-Brand  

Trends play a pivotal role in social media, allowing you to stay relevant and engage your target audience. However, it takes a trained eye to discern which trends align with your brand voice, tone, language and style. Hiring a professional with the expertise to manipulate trends to align with your brand is essential in ensuring your business asserts itself in relevant digital conversations. An untrained person may rely on personal preferences, which can lead to a misalignment with your brand's message and values. Mixing in original content is crucial for establishing your brand as a thought leader and a knowledgeable professional in your industry.  

Complement Other Marketing Efforts 

A solid social media presence alone will not lead to long-term success. The true power of the brand awareness generated through social media shines when you align your efforts with your overall marketing strategy. Marketing professionals will understand how to strategically plan campaigns and creatively tailor them to fit your social media platforms. By ensuring harmonious messaging and creativity across all channels, you can elevate your engagement and connect with your audience on a deeper level. A cohesive approach to content creation will demonstrate your commitment to providing a seamless experience to your customers. 

Long-Term Benefits of Original Content

Not only does investing in original video and photography content enhance your social media presence, but it also offers long-term benefits. Creating content of higher quality allows you to repurpose it for various marketing channels, saving you time and effort in creating new content from scratch. A trained photo and video professional will understand how to utilize minimal setups, consisting of as little as natural lighting and a single camera, to create captivating, high-quality content that tells a clear story.  

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Take the Next Step with Social

Your website is no longer your only digital storefront. More and more potential customers review your social presence to determine the legitimacy and authenticity of your brand. While ignoring social media efforts or passing them off to your nephew in high school or intern may be tempting, it is important to consider the quality and engagement that original content can bring. By investing in professional videography and photography for your social media presence, you can stand out in the digital space, build trust with your audience, align with relevant trends, complement other marketing efforts and reap long-term benefits. So, let's steer away from shortcuts and embrace the power of original content in furthering your business goals. Reach out to learn how our video and photo services can help your brand stand out.