8 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Digital Marketing

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8 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Digital Marketing

ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence programs seem to have everyone in a chokehold these days. Sure, our robot overlords may commandeer our existence one day, but that is far, far off. (I hope.) In the present, we can utilize tools like ChatGPT to create efficiencies in our work and help us level up our creativity.  

For example, ChatGPT can be used to write blog posts and website content, saving you an incredible amount of time. Yet you’ll still have to edit the content to ensure it fits your brand’s voice and double check that you’re not plagiarizing anyone.  

Full disclosure: This article was not written with ChatGPT, however some of the ideas were suggested when I gave it a prompt related to creative ways to use the tool for marketing.  

Going beyond the more obvious option of having ChatGPT write the bulk of your content, we came up with 8 creative ways to use ChatGPT in your digital marketing efforts.  

1. Keyword research  

When it comes to keyword research, you should not get rid of tools such as Semrush or Ahrefs, simply because ChatGPT exists. Until recently, the OpenAI program couldn’t give you accurate search volume. Instead, ChatGPT would devise a list of keywords based on synonyms, similar phrases, related terms, and so on.  

The program comes in clutch if you’re working within a niche topic, have a bit of writer’s block, or simply need a hint of inspiration.  

We asked ChatGPT, “What are 5 keywords we could use to optimize a landing page that details our landscaping client's ability to trim and shape evergreen trees?” and got the following results. 

Keywords Prompt Pt 1Then, we asked it to provide the keyword’s monthly search volume. It first gave us global search volume via Google’s Keyword Planner tool. So, we asked it to narrow it down to Ohio.  

Keywords PromptSince the integration with Google’s Keyword Planner is so new, it’s wise to double check yourself, using Keyword Planner or your favorite SEO tool. 

2. Create a list of blog post topics 

If you give ChatGPT a prompt such as, “Create a list of 10 blog topics related to SEO that a digital marketing agency can write about for their B2B clients,” it will give you a solid list of topics.  

Here is what happened when I entered that prompt.  

B2B Blog Topics PromptUsing ChatGPT to brainstorm is great when you work from home or when your coworkers are too busy to bounce ideas off of.  

You could also include a URL to your website so it can comb through your content and suggest blog ideas. I asked it to look at cat-bounce.com a site that is simply one page featuring bouncing cats.  

Cat Bounce Blog Topics PromptIf ChatGPT can glean that many clever ideas from a one-page site, imagine what it could do with your site! 

Here is what happened when we asked about TKG’s website—and without including subjects for the topics. They’re pretty good ideas that hit on a variety of things we work on every day.  

TKG Blog Topics Prompt3. Create recipes or similar ideas 

One of my favorite YouTube channels is How to Drink. Each video is beautifully shot as Greg leads viewers through the steps to make a perfect cocktail, be it a classic recipe, one inspired by a movie, and so on. A recent video titled “ChatGPT and MidJourney Made These Drinks, does the world even need me?” caught my eye.  

In it, Greg gave prompts such as “A unique drink that no one's ever had before” to ChatGPT. Then he created the drinks to test how well the suggested recipe actually was. (He also did visual prompts via MidJourney and created cocktails based on the artwork.)  

It was a highly entertaining video, and it got my gears turning, wondering how other creators and brands could use a similar formula.  

What creative prompt could you give ChatGPT to then build a video, social media post, blog post, or more content from it?  

4. Create a social media campaign calendar  

After working on social media campaigns for more than 10 years, sometimes my brain feels like it has run out of ideas. (Yes, even when social media platforms are constantly evolving.)  

ChatGPT can help you develop a social media campaign calendar based on your products or services, your goals, relevant holidays, social media trends, and more. The trick in creating this is to give ChatGPT a good, solid prompt.  

Here is what we got when we asked it to “develop a 30-day Instagram campaign calendar for June 2023 for a business that focuses on evergreen tree trimming and wants to expand their business from Northeast Ohio to include Central Ohio.”  

Social Media Calendar PromptWe only included the first two weeks in the screenshot; ChatGPT did in fact give us post suggestions for the entire month. It also provided hashtag suggestions: “Throughout the campaign, the business can also use relevant hashtags such as #evergreentrees, #treemaintenance, #arborist, #Ohio, and #treehealth to increase visibility and engagement.” 

5. Improve your email subject lines 

Sometimes writing a subject line for an email can be the hardest part. How do you distill your information into a short, simple tagline that will encourage readers to open your email?  

ChatGPT can help you brainstorm various subject lines based on your topics in the email, or even based on the actual email if you thoroughly describe it or input the entire copy. 

6. Develop a slogan, tagline, or product name  

Similarly, ChatGPT can also help brainstorm short, catchy slogans and taglines, as well as product names. Be sure to provide the program with the tone of voice your brand is known for, along with any keywords you find yourself using to describe your product or brand. This will help you get closer to the winning suggestion right off the bat. 

If you go this route, be sure to scour the internet afterward to ensure you are not infringing on someone’s copyrighted materials. 

7. Write a script for videos 

Writing a script for a video can be quite challenging, even if you are well-versed in other digital content writing for websites, blogs, and emails. 

If you are working on a video—let's say the Day 11 example from the earlier social media prompt—ChatGPT can create a script related to your topic. Here is what happened when we asked about the video of specialized equipment. 

Video Script PromptThe script continues, but we only included the first part in the screenshot.  

Not only did it provide a script for the narrator of the video, but ChatGPT also suggested related visuals.  

8. Get a second option for A/B testing  

Have you ever written an email and then found you did not have the bandwidth to rework it into a second email for A/B testing? Well, do I have news for you! 

ChatGPT can take the prompt of your original email copy and turn it into a second version for A/B testing. Just be sure to tell it you want another version to test and any adjustments it should make. For example, maybe you want to change the tone of the email or write for a different call-to-action. 

No matter the type of copy you are working on, be sure to tell ChatGPT what it is for and what your goal is. So, if you have a landing page that you are using to increase leads for your evergreen tree trimming services, you will need to clue in ChatGPT so it knows how much copy to write and how to format it.  

TKG Can Add that Human Touch  

There are so many more creative ways you can use ChatGPT to help with your marketing. But just because artificial intelligence exists, does not mean you should go full force into it. Be strategic. Always adjust the content to match your brand’s voice and tone. And don’t overwhelm your audience just because you can pump out more content.  

At TKG, we are folding ChatGPT into some of our processes to help our team be a little more efficient and a little more creative. The tool acts like a little sidekick that can help us better accomplish our client’s goals. 

If you are interested in working with us to formulate a holistic digital marketing strategy, reach out today.