Smart Start Recap: Navigating the Complex Landscape of IT & CRM Platforms

Alex Desberg Learn

Smart Start Recap: Navigating the Complex Landscape of IT & CRM Platforms

TKG's Smart Start series proves to be valuable when navigating the IT and customer relationship management (CRM) landscape. The most recent event brought together a powerful panel of experts. 

We had the opportunity to hear from Todd Lint from TKG, Geoff Moore from Valmark Financial Group and Nicholas Holland from HubSpot, as they shed light on their pivotal role in supporting seamless business operations. In this blog, we'll review key insights from the discussion, emphasizing the importance of aligning your data needs with business processes and involving your team in finding the best CRM or data platforms. 

Understanding Your Data Needs 

The panel members emphasized the critical first step in this process: understanding the needs of your data sources and how your business processes dictate data usage. Before embarking on the journey of selecting a data or CRM platform, businesses must conduct a comprehensive analysis of their data requirements. This involves identifying the key data sources, determining how data is generated and used in various processes and pinpointing the specific needs that a platform must fulfill. 

TKG's Smart Start series advocates for a holistic approach to data, encouraging businesses to view it not just as information but as a strategic asset. By aligning your data needs with your business processes, you can ensure that the selected platform is not only a tool but a catalyst for operational excellence. 

Collaborative Platform Selection

The second crucial piece of advice from the panel is to avoid going it alone when selecting a CRM or data platform. The process of choosing the right technology is not solely an IT decision — it's a collaborative effort that involves various stakeholders. Engaging the team that will use the platform is paramount. 

Involving end-users, department heads and key decision-makers in the selection process ensures that diverse perspectives are considered. TKG's experts emphasize the importance of teamwork in aligning the chosen platform with the organization's goals and operational requirements. This collaborative approach not only fosters buy-in from the team but also increases the likelihood of successful implementation and adoption. 

Focusing on Data Delivery 

The final takeaway from TKG's Smart Start series centers around the idea of focusing on the data and what you need from it. The panel suggests that businesses should make sure the selected platform can deliver the specific insights and functionalities required to meet their objectives. 

Whether it's analytics, reporting or integration capabilities, understanding the platform's capacity to deliver on your data needs is essential. By prioritizing data-driven decision-making and ensuring the platform aligns with your business goals, you set the stage for a technology solution that not only meets your current needs but also scales with your future requirements. 

Is the Next Smart Start on Your Calendar? 

Last month's Smart Start series provided a fresh perspective for businesses navigating the complex landscape of IT and CRM platforms. By focusing on the needs of data sources, involving the team in the selection process, and ensuring the platform aligns with specific data requirements, organizations can pave the way for enhanced business operations and sustained growth. 

We hope to see you at our next Smart Start, where you'll gain valuable insights on how to garner success at trade shows. Stay tuned for more updates on leveraging resources for business success!