Five Years. Five Lessons. What I’ve Learned on My Digital Marketing Journey

Emily Weiss Learn

Five Years. Five Lessons. What I’ve Learned on My Digital Marketing Journey

If you asked me in high school, or even college, what I wanted to do for a career, working at a digital marketing agency never even crossed my mind. With the skills and knowledge that I had back in school, I chose Applied Communication as my major. The summer before I graduated, I was given the opportunity to be a digital content intern for The Karcher Group.  

Five and a half years later, I am a digital marketer and I feel like I’m always learning something new in this ever-changing world of marketing. Having been a part of various areas in this industry, here are five things I’ve learned on my digital marketing journey so far. 

Lesson 1: Social Media Involves More Than Just Taking Pictures (and Writing Clever Captions) 

Running a social media account isn’t as easy as you may think. It’s not just choosing a photo and writing a captivating caption. Social media marketing involves, but isn’t limited to: 

  • Deciding what platforms to post on 
  • Planning a month in advance 
  • Knowing what content your audience will respond to 
  • Finding an appropriate image (whether that be a stock photo or a photo taken by your company) 
  • Promoting any of your posts 

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Lesson 2: Reaching the Right Audiences in Various Industries with SEO  

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), we begin with keyword research to find words or phrases that are higher ranking that we can add to content and metadata. Along with that research, we have to keep in mind the type of audience we want to attract as well as the industry that our clients are in.  

Metadata is what people see first when they perform a Google Search. We have to make sure that when we are writing or updating the page titles and meta descriptions, we have a good summarization of the page content and the correct call-to-actions (CTAs). Read more about what search engine optimization entails. 

Lesson 3: Writing Content Is More Than Just Writing 

There’s a difference between being a writer and being a content writer. From blog posts and ad copy to page content and emails, writing content for a website requires a variety of steps to get the right message out, which may include: 

  • Target audience research 
  • Brand story creation 
  • Editorial calendar building 
  • And so much more. 

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Lesson 4: The Impact of PPC Campaigns 

Whether you’re searching on Google or Bing, PPC (pay per click) ads are bound to show up. And if they say the right things and reach the right people, they can really help get more traffic to your website, phone or office. By performing keyword and demographic research, bidding on the right phrases and writing attractive ads, we are able to create another level of reach for our customers. 

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Lesson 5: The Future of Marketing is HubSpot 

Not too long ago, we had the opportunity to become a HubSpot partner. HubSpot in itself covers various areas of marketing, sales and so much more. With the way this platform’s hubs interact with each other, we are able to provide a more streamlined process for our customers. We look forward to migrating more customers onto this platform and seeing how else we can help them with their marketing automation efforts. 

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