6 Reasons to Use a Local Digital Marketing Agency

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6 Reasons to Use a Local Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a marketing agency is a big investment. This is especially true if you’re a small business and you want to make sure every dollar counts. But the fact of the matter is, if you want to ensure that your business name gets in front of the right people, you’ll need to make an investment in your digital marketing.

Why hire an agency, anyway?

Hiring an agency is more cost effective than hiring in-house. While hiring an in-house team can have its benefits, when you work with an agency, like TKG, you get the benefit of 50 creative minds for the same cost as one or two salaries.

Remote work makes it easy to collaborate with any agency around the world. So why on earth would you use a local digital marketing agency? Let’s explore that, below.

Why use a local digital marketing agency?

1. Local agencies understand the local market.

We get the nuances of your competition. At TKG, we’ll still do an in-depth competitive analysis, but since we’re already familiar with local businesses, it won’t take nearly as long to understand the nuances of your business or competition. And that efficiency means that you get quality work fast, without paying for extra hours of work to understand the local market.  

2. Local agencies give you more individual attention.

To a local agency, like TKG, you’re more than just another business. We focus more on delivering quality work for our clients, rather than bringing in a certain quantity of clients.

3. Local agencies are invested on a deeper level.

Local marketing agencies, like TKG, are invested in the community. We want to help your business succeed, not only because our success depends on yours, but because it helps the community grow. Thriving businesses support the local economy and, quite frankly, give more options when it comes to shopping and services.    

4. Local agencies support friends and families in our own neighborhood.

At TKG, we are all about building community. Our clients have turned into life-long friends. So, when you choose a local marketing agency, your investment benefits the very families in your community.

5. Local agencies have local connections.  

We can easily set up interviews with local media and help make connections with potential business partners. It’s no secret that business is built on connections and networking. At TKG, we want to see you succeed, and we are happy to make those connections.

6. Focusing on digital will help you track your success.

As a local business, it can be tempting to rely on traditional marketing like billboards and direct mail. While these tactics have their place, focusing your efforts on digital marketing will provide the opportunity to further target your market (making sure that the money is well spent). When you work with a digital marketing agency, like TKG, we can help you track your efforts to make sure you are on the road to success.

TKG is here to help

If you are looking for a local digital marketing agency, TKG is here to help. We have been a people-first marketing agency for more than 25 years, and we’ve learned a thing or two about digital marketing. We do all things digital, including branding, web design, digital marketing, video and IT services. Contact us, and let’s talk about your project and how we can work together to make it a success.