Elevated Video and Photography for Proctor & Gamble’s The Art of Shaving


Luxury shaving brand leveraged multimedia to drive sales

The Art of Shaving is a premium men’s grooming brand, offering luxurious and natural shaving products for men. Owned by Proctor & Gamble, the brand is known for its clean products that use natural ingredients and transform shaving into an elevated experience for men. The Art of Shaving sought a partner to elevate their visual assets for their website and advertising to better capture their brand essence and connect with their audience. With this in mind, TKG worked with The Art of Shaving team to tell their story while leveraging multimedia elements, including videos and photography. 


TheArtofShaving_Banner-TKG Made


The Art of Shaving needed TKG to match some of their existing assets, but also take it a step further in elevating the brand materials. We crafted a plan to reach The Art of Shaving’s discerning buyer and knew selecting and shooting the right visuals were critical to the success of the project. From crafting an idyllic script to selecting the perfect venue for capturing media to selecting on-screen talent to match the brand, each detail was meticulously planned. The result delivered as that drove The Art of Shaving’s cost per acquisition down 20 percent. 




Refresh materials

The Art of Shaving had a tired file of assets that were becoming stale and weren’t fully representative of their brand. They needed many new options to freshen their materials and hit the right audience. 



Tell their story through video

A how-to video was missing from their arsenal of assets. They needed a video that was as high-quality as their products to truly resonate with their audience. 




Connect with luxury buyers

We planned a compelling narrative that captured the brand essence of The Art of Shaving through targeted storytelling and strong multimedia visuals.  



Improve ad performance

Attention to detail allowed us to produce high quality images and videos to boost ad performance.




20% decrease in cost per acquisition 

Our new assets won big in all of the A-B ad testing done, allowing The Art of Shaving to significantly drive down their cost per acquisition and drive over all sales.  


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