Using the Offseason to Grow Your Seasonal Business

Molly McDougal Learn

Using the Offseason to Grow Your Seasonal Business

We all know seasonal businesses should ramp up their marketing efforts in the months leading up to their busy season. But a landscaping company doesn’t have to do any marketing during the December and January, right? Not necessarily.

Today, people are inundated with marketing, so companies that don’t stay in front of their customers could be forgotten. Don’t worry though, we have a few ways you can stay top of mind—even during the off-season.

Content Creation

We’ve heard the phrase “content is king” for years now, but it still rings true today. The more helpful and engaging content your business creates and owns, the better experience customers will have with your brand.

The off-season is the perfect time to write, design and publish awesome content to your website. Adding new content will aid in SEO efforts, keep current customers engaged and even attract new leads.

Developing great content for your business isn’t as hard as you think. Simply consider common customer questions, tips, industry news and internal happenings and you probably already have more content than you can write.

Distribute Content Via Email and Social

Now that you have awesome content, how do you get people to read it? Organic search will definitely help, but email and social are perfect for engaging with current and potential customers during the off-season.

Once your new content is published, post it on Facebook and send it in an email. This will not only keep you top of mind, but also provide real value to your customers. That way – they’ll remember you when it’s time to book your services again—which is important because customers aren’t as loyal as they once were.

Consider promoting your social posts to reach new customers. Facebook makes it easy to target users in your ideal audience so you know your message is in front of the right people. The more touch points you can make with potential customers during the off-season, the better.

When it’s all said and done, the marketing you do in the off-season can have a major effect on the business you generate during the peak season.

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