Benefits of the HubSpot CMS Hub

Jennifer Gross Learn

Benefits of the HubSpot CMS Hub

Gone are the days of using multiple platforms to host and manage your website. Say goodbye to time-consuming and confusing processes and hello to HubSpot CMS Hub.

CMS Hub is built on HubSpot’s CRM

CMS Hub is built on HubSpot’s CRM, a system allowing you to leverage visitor data to create unique experiences. This makes it extremely easy for teams to interact with contacts and view their data, past interactions and activity.

 You'll even receive insight into how contacts are interacting with your website and content. From the number of page visits to form submissions to even emails opened, giving you the ability to create tailored follow-ups. Marketing and sales teams are then able to use this in-depth information to build relationships with leads and customers.

 Working in CMS Hub makes it so you can seamlessly integrate with other marketing, sales and service tools to scale your overall digital experience.

Flexibility for Developers

CMS Hub uses flexible themes and allows developers to create websites that are easy for marketers to update on their own.

 Developers are able to write code using their preferred tools and then sync files to the CMS. All themes, modules and templates built can then be easily updated by different teams using the drag and drop page editing tool. This frees up ongoing development time, allowing content creators to manage website updates and letting developers have more time to focus on more complex coding.

CMS Hub let’s marketing take control

Working with the themes, modules and templates created by developers, marketers and content creators can quickly and easily make updates and add new content to your website. 

Using the full view of contact data, marketers are also able to create customized experiences and use in-depth testing of different content, CTAs and forms to optimize performance.

The CMS Hub includes features that help marketers every day:

  • SEO recommendations - from the SEO home screen or page by page, see what changes would improve your website and take action.
  • Drag-and-drop editor - quickly make edits and add new content without the need for code changes.
  • Adaptive testing - choose multiple page variations that HubSpot will monitor and serve as the best performing option.
  • Contact reporting - see how contacts are interacting with your website, content types, sources and campaigns all from within your HubSpot CRM.

Speed, Security, and Reliability

Building your website on CMS Hub means hosting and managing your website all within HubSpot.

 Maintaining websites can be very time-consuming. With a HubSpot Hosted CMS, there are no platform updates, no server maintenance to worry about and security, backups, and uptime is all managed by HubSpot.

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