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HubSpot vs Salesforce Graphic

What Is the Best CRM in 2023: HubSpot vs. Salesforce

HubSpot and Salesforce are both extremely versatile and popular CRM platforms that are used by businesses of all sizes, from local startups to...

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5 Best Marketing Automation Tools &  Platforms of 2023

This post was released prior but has since been updated for 2023.

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Man Looking at HubSpot on His Laptop

Top 5 Reasons HubSpot Hubs Help You Nurture Customer Relationships During the Pandemic

When it comes to HubSpot, it may be easier to list the things it cannot do than the things it can do. This incredibly powerful CRM (customer...

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Top 10 Reasons to Use HubSpot for Email Marketing

At The Karcher Group, we have entered an intense love affair with HubSpot. This powerful customer relationship management (CRM) software features...

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Benefits of the HubSpot CMS Hub

Gone are the days of using multiple platforms to host and manage your website. Say goodbye to time-consuming and confusing processes and hello to...

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About HubSpot

3 things you didn't know you could do with HubSpot We all know we can use workflows for basic things like sending a series of emails after someone...

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How to Use HubSpot to Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Marketing and sales teams have repeatedly run into the issue of misalignment.

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Live Chat: A Solution for Custom Manufacturing

Receiving a request for quotation (RFQ) is an absolute requirement of the sales process if your company’s solution or products must be designed...

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The Benefits of HubSpot and Marketing Automation

We’ve got news. We received word from HubSpot that we are now a Platinum Partner Agency and we couldn’t be more excited! We got a trophy and...

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Buyer Personas and the 6 Reasons You Need Them

Ever feel like your marketing campaigns resemble Adele singing her hit song, ‘Hello’? You know the line I’m talking about, “Hello from the outside /...

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