5 Benefits of Working with Pay-Per-Click Consultants Can Help Your Paid Search Ads and Overall Bottom Line

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5 Benefits of Working with Pay-Per-Click Consultants Can Help Your Paid Search Ads and Overall Bottom Line

Whether you’re already running PPC ads or simply beginning to consider them, it’s smart to partner with pay-per-click consultants.

PPC ads show up on search engine results pages (SERP), including Google, Bing and Yahoo. After users enter their search term, relevant ads show up above the organic results on the SERP. A well-written ad designed to convert will attract the most users.

These days, the vast majority of search users do not venture past page one. Even though most website traffic comes from organic searches, more than a quarter comes from paid search. Since search engine optimization strategies can take months to start affecting organic traffic, folding in PPC ads can help improve traffic in the meantime.

When you work with pay-per-click consultants, they will help increase your traffic flow, improve visitor quality and accelerate conversions. Yet that’s on an ad-by-ad basis. What are the holistic benefits of paid search consulting compared to doing ads in house?

Here are 5 ways working with PPC marketing consultants can help your bottom line.

1. Access to a Deep Knowledge Base

Working with PPC consultants gives you access to their immense knowledge of pay-per-click ads. If you know the basics of this area of marketing, you will see some success. However, to really dig in and maximize your ROI, you’ll need much more experience and knowledge.

When you partner with a digital marketing agency, they will bring together a full team of PPC consultants, strategists, copywriters, designers, and more. Their collective knowledge will surpass that of the person on your team who would be tasked with developing PPC campaigns. (We’ll touch on this again in a bit).

Consultants who specialize in PPC will know how to handle algorithm changes, make recommendations from helping other clients, and be nimble enough to pivot when the ads aren’t performing as they should. They’ll have an impressive breadth of skills to ensure your campaigns’ success.

2. Custom PPC Strategy

Good PPC consultants will create an ad strategy based on best practices. Great PPC consultants, however, will create a custom ad strategy based on best practices, your specific goals, marketing knowledge related to your industry, and even knowledge drawn from managing PPC ads for other clients.

The strategy itself will lay out findings from their market research, detailed recommendations for audience targeting, suggested ad spend, and sample search ad copy. It should also include how often the PPC consultants will be managing the ads.

A custom PPC strategy is only as good as its implementation. Which brings us to…

3. Search Ads that Convert

If you set up your own search ads following a simple step-by-step tutorial you found online, you’ll see some success with them. This is usually how far businesses get when they attempt to handle it in-house. Which means if they don’t see a “good enough” ROI, they jump ship and discontinue their paid search efforts.

However, PPC consultants will write ad copy that aligns with your business and goals, catches the user’s eye, and encourages the user to click on the ad. If they’re also managing display ads, they’ll be able to create related images using their team of graphic designers and marketers.

Similar to the relationship between strategy ideation and implementation, search ads only work as well as their landing pages. You can have a great ad that draws people into your website, but have a landing page that fails to complete the conversion. If that’s the case, you’re only getting half the benefits of PPC ads.

Consultants ensure that your existing landing page is optimized to convert, or they can develop a brand new landing page specifically for the ads. They’ll have the knowledge and context to make that decision as they guide you through the process.

This is a good time to remind you that PPC ads are much more than a little old message at the top of a search engine results page. They’re a small piece of the pie called PPC marketing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed after reading that, let’s alleviate a little of the stress…

4. Worry-Free Management

Working with a trusted digital marketing partner will help reduce your stress in managing PPC ads. Those new to the world of PPC find themselves constantly checking the performance of their ads. First off, that’s not needed. Secondly, PPC consultants will check the performance on a regular basis. They’ll know if the stats are concerning. And, even if they’re not concerning, they’ll find ways to improve the results you’re getting.

When consultants manage PPC campaigns, they look to see if the spending budget is on track, adjust audience metrics as needed, fine tune copy to draw in more users, and keep an eye on overall success. A person who has dedicated time and familiarity with your business can efficiently manage your PPC campaigns.

Which means…

You don’t have to worry about ad performance and how you’ll correct a botched plan. (Well, hopefully consultants won’t have to worry about the latter either. We’re talking more about a hastily set-up campaign done in house. …No shade to your team.)

Now that you won’t have to worry as much, what will you do?

5. Save Time & Focus on Your Business

Since you’re not worried about campaign performance, and your team is saving time from not managing PPC ads, everyone can focus on what they do best for your business.

With PPC set up and management off their plates, they can set their sights on better serving the leads that come in from ads. They can also work on other marketing ideas they’ve wanted to try, like better engaging with your social media following. And, they can better support current clients and their needs.

You will need to spend some time discussing goals, gathering assets, and completing other minor tasks in getting the campaigns up and running with the PPC consultants. However, it won’t add up to the amount of time – and frustration – you’d waste doing it all in-house.

Partner with Expert PPC Consultants

Instead of tossing PPC management like a piping hot baked potato to someone on your team who isn’t fully equipped to handle it, or hiring a completely new person to your team to focus on it, have a chat with PPC marketing consultants first. Their expertise will be worth their weight in your return on investment.

And, they’ll generally have other skillsets and team members on their end who can assist with even more aspects of digital marketing. For example, The Karcher Group (TKG) features PPC consultants, branding experts and designers, SEO strategists and analysts, social media and content specialists, and more.

Want to find out how TKG can improve your PPC marketing? Reach out today.