3 Reasons You Need to Revisit Your Brand Strategy

Darla Brown Learn

3 Reasons You Need to Revisit Your Brand Strategy

We see it all the time…clients think they have a great handle on their brand until we start asking a few key questions, like:

“Which of your brand values do you think your customers most align with?”

“What things will your brand never compromise on?”

“Can you describe your brand in three words?”

While the answers to these questions aren’t necessarily the sum of your business or brand, companies that truly understand who they are, what they do and how their customers perceive both, will have ready answers.

So, if it’s been a minute, here are three reasons to revisit your brand strategy:

1. The Real Reason Your Best Customers Buy

Your best, most loyal customers purchase from you again and again not because of what you sell, or how you sell it…it’s because of your “why.” It’s the value system behind your company, the thing that gets you out of bed each morning.

People love to buy from companies whom they believe have a common purpose with them. Whether that’s a brand like Red Bull that touts a fun, adrenaline-filled lifestyle (which happens to be achieved by the drinks they sell) or one like Apple that portrays constant innovation (which happens to look like an iPhone), people become loyal to brands that align with their core values.

2. Clarity in the Sales Process

Truly understanding your brand and your brand strategy will give you much more clarity in your sales process. When you understand what your customers need to know about you to compel them to buy, you’ll know better how to market your product or service.

So if it’s important that your customers understand that you don’t just have the lowest price, but you’re also a family-owned company with a long history of always meeting customer needs, you’ll make sure that bleeds through everything you do. Maybe that means a strong home page image, or clever copy, or even well-timed Facebook ads.

Bottom line: knowing your brand means knowing what your customer needs, when they need it.

3. Ready with the Easy Answer

If you know your brand, you know what to say yes (or no) to. If your brand is very conservative and your customers appreciate your steady, dependable approach, the smash-mouth video campaign proposed by that pricey boutique agency gets an easy answer.

If, on the other hand, you’re presented with an opportunity to showcase your brand in front of other business professionals by writing a thoughtful blog post on Forbes.com, that’s also an easy answer.

Knowing your brand and what it (and you) stands for makes many decisions much more simple. It streamlines your focus on your business and helps you know which move to make next.

Companies that know themselves, truly understand their brand and have a targeted brand strategy connect better with the right customers. And connecting better with the right customers means better leads and more sales.

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