Full-Stack Developer

Caleb is a family man at heart with what he considers to be a large immediate family: a wife, son, dog and 4 cats. He loves to spend any free time with them; however, he also dabbles in various woodworking and home renovation projects, as well as software and electronics hobbies.  

Caleb brings his technical background along with his extreme willingness and passion for learning. He takes pride in being able to learn literally anything!

Caleb Caleb

Where he gained his knowledge

Caleb gained a basis of experience through the completion of his degree in Computer Science from Stark State College. While in college, Caleb participated in the Stark State College Software Development Guild, where he learned about SCM’s (like Git) and spent a semester researching and creating a simple static website for the group. 

Prior to joining TKG, Caleb worked at Tribute Inc. as a desktop application developer. During his tenure there, Caleb helped guide the company towards modernization by pioneering a hybrid web/desktop application using a React JavaScript frontend and ASP.NET backend, all delivered via an electron application.  

Skills and Expertise

  • Frameworks/libraries (React, ASP.NET, MVC) 
  • TSQL 
  • C#.NET and VB.NET (both .NET Core and .NET Framework) 
  • Docker 
  • CI tools (Jenkins) 
  • SCM strategies and tools (Git, SVN, GitHub)


When not at work, Caleb's life revolves around

  • Family (pets included) 
  • Video games with friends and family 
  • Reading comic books 
  • House/woodworking projects 
  • Tinkering with new software projects 
  • Experimenting with his 3D printer 

Little known facts

  • He built his own drum set from rough cut wood 
  • He’s a foodie and loves exotic foods 

Favorite places on the web

Some of Caleb's favorite digital tools:

  • Visual Studio Code 
  • Azure Data Studio 
  • Emulators of all kinds (for virtual PC’s, phones or any other device that interests him).