Dennis Galbreath: A Seasoned Vet Feeling

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Dennis Galbreath: A Seasoned Vet Feeling

When I think of my journey of getting hired at TKG, it takes me back to when I was 17 looking for an internship. I remember trying to find Geoff Karcher’s email online so I could send him a list of why I am the best at what I do and why he needed to hire me – how naive was I? TKG was always in the back of my mind when looking for internships and then looking for jobs later in life. Although I never got the chance to intern at TKG, I am thankful that the path I took in my career got me here years later.

Walking into your first day at a new job can be intimidating and frightening – but for me, I already knew TKG was the place to be. After hearing about the work experience my past coworkers had at TKG, I knew I was walking into an opportunity of a lifetime. First day vibes were great. I walked in the door and was welcomed by Darla Brown with a smile on her face and a coffee mug with her face on it (still makes me laugh to this day). We sat down in her office and chatted for a while about how TKG makes a distinct effort to invest in its employees, how the company encourages growth in a way that is meaningful to not only the company but for its employees.

Fast forward 9 (ish) months later, I feel like a seasoned vet at this point. I feel like this not by way of my own skills, but because of the way TKG ensures that I am growing in my personal and professional life. One of the great things about TKG is that they invest in employee education. At other companies, I am sure it’s like pulling teeth to get a team to make the initiative to do continuous education. Not at TKG. We are rewarded for going above the standard by obtaining certifications and spending time learning. On the personal side, I never have to worry about coming in late from a doctor’s appointment or even taking an extra 30 minutes to get ready for the day (or sleeping in, lets be honest). That was important to me when looking for a new job. In my previous roles, there was an unspoken rule that taking any time off was egregious and looked down on. Not here. They realize that people have lives outside of work and do everything possible to encourage taking PTO or taking time to heal when ill. Speaking of ill – I must talk about the C-word – COVID. My second month working at TKG, I contracted COVID-19. I was nervous to take time off after only six weeks of being here. Shortly after I shared the news, Geoff Karcher popped up in my messages telling me to get off Slack and to go sleep! I needed it, believe me. Those small favors make a world of difference in a busy world, especially in the workplace.

In all seriousness, I am truly thankful for TKG and the leadership. I know this is my place and these are my people. I see myself growing in this company. As of now, I am not sure what that looks like, but I know I can lean into my skills and create an incredible path for myself. Cheers to 9 months and cheers to many more years!

 - Dennis Galbreath, Relationship Manager at TKG

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