How a 20-year partnership became more than just marketing.

More than 20 years. That's how long Walsh University has been a partner of TKG. From building their first professionally built website in the late 90's to participating in their latest Shark Tank event, we've had the privilege of being there through it all. 


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Continuing to put the student experience first

Outside of creating Walsh’s first professionally built website, we have remained a partner in upgrading and managing their site with advances in SEO, responsiveness and development. To stay current, the website has been redesigned roughly four times over the span of our partnership. Creating a positive user experience, implementing new design elements and helping to reach their full audience are all things we considered when tackling this project.

Redesigning the future of college applications

Before becoming the sought-after educational institution they are today, Walsh was looking for creative ways to boost their application volume. Collaborating with their skilled team, it was determined that their problem didn’t lie in a lack of student interest. The issue of low application volume was attributed to the complicated process of submitting a physical application. And so, the process of electronic applications was integrated into the Walsh University website, resulting in an ease of use for potential students and an influx of new applications.

Partnership paired with community engagement

Beyond marketing, we have grown a community-inspired partnership. In the past year, TKG's president and owner, Geoff Karcher participated in Shark Tank event where he evaluated and funded entrepreneurial ideas of select Walsh students. 






“It's an honor to help business-minded individuals fuel their passion with higher education. The world of business is constantly evolving and I'm excited to see what these young-minds bring to the table upon graduation.”


Geoff Karcher

President, The Karcher Group



In addition to being involved in campus events, TKG established The Karcher Group Endowed Scholarship.

This Scholarship is awarded to students with a 3.0 grade point average or higher who major in business. 

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