Fallsway Equipment Company

Customer-first company augments relationship building with LiveChat

Fallsway Equipment is well-known for their quality and service with lift trucks and other heavy equipment throughout the Midwest. So when they came to us after a less-than-stellar experience with a marketing company that made them leery of paid search and advertising efforts, we knew we had to take a different approach to make sure they were still reaching the right individuals and generating leads.

We focused on organic search results through content and search engine optimization, then updated sections of their site and optimized form submissions. Since the sales cycle in this industry can often be quite long, the client was pleased with how both form submissions and phone calls reflected that the right types of leads resulted from these tactics.

Fallsway Equipment Company

Using chat to get soft leads

However, one of the issues Fallsway had was tracking where in the sales cycle potential customers were filling out forms or calling. Had they already researched for days or weeks on this website or elsewhere, or had they just landed on the site minutes before?

While the sales team did their best to determine the answers to these questions, they wanted to focus more on building the relationships than gathering data.

So we implemented what has proven to be the perfect “in-between” for the client (and what is fast becoming a necessity for e-comm): a live chat option.

“Worth its weight in gold”

Fallsway’s LiveChat option is staffed by a real person from Fallsway (not a bot) and Devin from Fallsway says, “LiveChat has been vital in allowing our company to connect more with our current and potential customers.”

LiveChat allows Fallsway to answer questions immediately, creating a personal touch with the customer right away, while quickly qualifying the lead and providing follow up opportunities.

“The addition of LiveChat has added to our lead generation totals immensely,” Devin says, “along with adding an additional level of customer service that is worth its weight in gold to our company and our standards of putting the customer first.”

Real results

leads with LiveChat
increase in traffic year over year