A healthy website is a sign of a healthy business. When you sign on for website health checks from TKG, our web experts review your entire site and provide recommendations in the following areas:

Website Security Audit:

  • OWASP TOP 10  
  • Common security vulnerabilities  
  • Application and server misconfiguration  
  • XSS vulnerabilities  
  • SQL injection vulnerabilities  

ADA Compliance Scan:

  • Full scan of your entire domain
  • Report on browser/computer compatibility issues
  • Report on usability issues across devices and assistive technology
  • Summary of actions needed to rectify any problems

UX/UI Review:

  • Professional review of website usability
  • Site speed assessment
  • Design standards and best practices evaluation

Website Health Check Details:

  • Three day turnaround
  • Best in breed tools
  • Results reviewed by our experienced team
  • Summary of recommendations for corrective action
  • Investment: $2,000

From website security to performance and usability, all of these things reflect on your business. We'll use best in breed tools and our decades of experience to help you identify any week spots or opportunities your website has. 

Contact us to learn more about how a website health check could help support your business.