The Karcher Group’s web operations team is made up of network administrators, security pros and web developers – all with a focus on true customer service. TKG has been in the business of building websites, hosting data and managing email for more than 24 years. In that time, we have learned a lot, and we put that experience to work for our clients. Now, we are rolling out new solutions and enhancing our existing capabilities, so you have one single source for white glove service.

The Karcher Group has partnered with Perception Point to offer a hosted email security platform. Email is the biggest threat vector for your business. Neutralize it and minimize risks in email communication with us our partners unique technology. Our hosted managed email security enables you to offer more thorough cyber protection for your business without increasing your management burden.

Malware and ransomware

Malware - including viruses, ransomware, spyware, worms, and Trojans - is most commonly delivered via malicious payloads – files and URLs. Thousands of new malware variants appear each day. Legacy solutions fall short when dealing with advanced evasion techniques and defending collaboration platforms.

The Advanced Email Security, powered by proven email protection software, helps you stop malware with multi-layered defenses, including:

  • Anti-evasion – Detect hidden malicious content
  • Threat intelligence – Stay ahead of emerging threats
  • Anti-phishing filters – Detect malicious URLs
  • Antivirus engines – Stop known malware
  • Next-generation dynamic engine – Catch zero-days and APTs that evade conventional defenses


Phishing attacks are the root of 91% of all cyberattacks, as reported by CSO Online. They leverage social engineering to deceive their target and gain access to sensitive information by employing files, URLs, and text-based techniques posing as legitimate sources.

The Advanced Email Security, powered by unique email security solution, helps prevent phishing before it reaches end-users with:

  • Anti-evasion – Unpack deeply embedded, hidden phishing attempts
  • URL reputation – Block known, malicious URLs based on four leading URL reputation engines
  • Image recognition engine – Block unknown malicious URLs based on the images and logos used on webpages
  • Threat intelligence – Combine six market-leading sources engine

Business email compromise (BEC)

Impersonation-based attacks trick employees into making innocent mistakes, thinking they’re communicating with a person they know. A significant part of BEC attempts do not have a malicious payload and leverage only text-based techniques, making them especially tricky to detect and prevent.

The Advanced Email Security helps prevent impersonation attempts with:

  • Anti-spoofing - Prevent payload-less attacks through machine-learning algorithms with IP reputation, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC record checks
  • Anti-evasion – Deep scan to detect malicious hidden content
  • Payload-based protection – Reduce “further along the line” BEC attacks with threat intelligence, phishing, and antivirus engines

Zero-days and APTs

Zero-days and APTs are especially hard to catch and prevent. They can lie in wait and strike months before they’re discovered by leveraging unknown software vulnerabilities. Standard APT modules, such as sandboxes or content disarm and reconstruction solutions (CDRs), rely on known data and behaviors that evasion techniques can mask when in a sandbox.

The Advanced Email Security employs market-leading technology to help you prevent zero-days and APTs:

  • Next-generation dynamic scan - Stop zero-days and APTs with a unique CPU-level technology that detects and blocks advanced attacks at the exploit stage, before malware release, based on the assembly code

Evasion techniques

Email-borne attacks are getting trickier to detect. Attackers use evasion techniques such as new file types, link chains, malicious content hidden within clean files, stalling mechanisms that sandboxes can’t observe, ensuring the malicious payload takes action only when facing actual end-users. For conventional defenses, preventing such techniques is almost impossible as it takes too much time, money, and technological resources.

The Advanced Email Security uses unique technology to prevent evasion techniques that conventional defenses miss:

  • Anti-evasion - Recursively unpack the content into smaller units which are then dynamically checked by multiple engines in under 30 seconds, compared to 20+ minutes for legacy sandboxing solutions.

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