ADA compliance has become a hot-button issue, with litigation rising nationwide. TKG uses industry-recognized tools to scan your website(s), and our compliance experts review the results and recommend remediation steps in line with your site design as well as your accessibility and compliance goals. 

Reasons it Makes Sense to Keep Your Website Accessible:

  • It's simply the right thing to do 
  • It ensures all people can access your information
  • It will improve usability for everybody
  • It will help your site perform better in the search engines

ADA Compliance Scan Details:

  • One-day turnaround
  • Full scan of your entire domain
  • Report on browser/computer compatibility issues
  • Report on usability issues across devices and assistive technology
  • Summary of actions needed to rectify any problems
  • Investment $600

If you're not sure if your website is ADA compliant, don't sweat it. We've got the tools and the team that can interpret them for you.

Contact us to learn more about what it will take to keep your site fully accessible.