Agencies Join Forces to Create a Digital Marketing Powerhouse

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Agencies Join Forces to Create a Digital Marketing Powerhouse

Agencies join forces to create a digital marketing powerhouse

We are proud to announce TKG's recent acquisition of Pole Position Marketing, a nationally recognized digital marketing agency headquartered in Uniontown, Ohio.

The merger, effective Jan. 1, 2019, allows TKG to offer an unparalleled digital marketing experience, strengthening our expertise in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and content marketing. 

PPM's owner and renowned industry evangelist, Stoney deGeyter, has been named Vice President of Search and Advertising at TKG. deGeyter is not only an experienced digital marketer but also the author of The Best Damn Marketing Checklist, Period! deGeyter's PPM team, digital marketing experts Jennifer Gross, Kelley Gifford and Alan Waggoner, will remain intact at TKG. 

“Teaming up with Stoney deGeyter and his expert team from PPM will no doubt give us the opportunity to continue advancing our existing search and SEO practices. This acquisition greatly complements TKG’s offerings and adds to our ability to best serve our clients.”

Geoff Karcher

History in the making

Geoff and Stoney both started with humble beginnings. Hard work and enduring relationships brought them together at local trade show events back in the ‘90s and their mutual passion for the industry has kept them in touch throughout the years. As Geoff built TKG into the full-service marketing partner it is today, he watched as PPM became one the nation’s leading digital agencies.

At TKG, we have long offered SEO and advertising as part of our marketing capabilities, though as the industry changed and flooded with new tactics, it became increasingly challenging to maintain a deep focus on those core service areas. The PPM acquisition provides a great opportunity to revisit our roots, reinvigorate our search practices and get back to excelling in SEO. 

Aligning teams and values

During the search for a research and advertising partner, it was important to find an agency not only with marketing expertise but also aligned values. We found our match in PPM. They too believe in doing great work together, and in the short time since joining forces, our teams have already begun collaborating to improve the ways we create value for our clients. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome these talented individuals - and their longstanding client partners - to the TKG family.

"I have always believed that digital marketing is just too big for one - or even a few - people to know it all at an expert level. We have always sought to grow experts in specific silos of digital marketing. That mindset made partnering with The Karcher Group an easy choice.”

Stoney deGeyter

It is an exciting time of change and growth at TKG. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more