Megan Karcher: A Note from Your Mom and Employee

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Megan Karcher: A Note from Your Mom and Employee

Your dad and I were always so proud to see you use your business to serve others in a way that honors your faith.

From the time you were little, you wanted to be in business like your dad. You would pretend to take people out for lunch. And only you can answer what your little mind was drawn to more: the people or the food? J Even so, we’re proud to see that you continue to put people first in your business.

It was a joy to watch your company grow from a small start-up in the basement of our home to the Glass Tower in Belden, to a suite you, your dad and a few others built out yourselves in your current location. It has been so much fun (and such a source of pride) to watch TKG grow from an idea into the booming reality it is now.

The first thing I remember was working in a little office in the Glass Tower. I was initially just helping with light bookkeeping after my day job at MRDD, but soon found myself learning more advanced skills to keep up with TKG’s growing needs. Programs like Quickbooks and Excel became second nature as I navigated bookkeeping for an ever-growing web development firm.

As TKG grew, we eventually expanded into the offices where TKG exists today.  Excitement and a whole lot of hard work brought TKG to its new offices on Lauby Road. I remember when you, your dad, Patrick Willoughby, Aaron Geh, and Dan Hall would often head to the new building after business hours to work on building out offices in the open space. When it was complete, TKG moved in, but it didn’t stop growing.

That was when things really started to grow quickly. TKG was being recognized in the community as an industry leader. You were awarded the 20 Under 40 Award by the Canton Chamber of Commerce, as well as the NMSE.

From our annual team building camping trips, to baby showers, to Christmas parties, TKG grew up as a company, and as a family.  TKG has always served both its employees and its clients in a people-first capacity. People first. Family first. Fun first, but always with the work ethic that drew more clients and grew bigger businesses. As TKG’s first retiree, I’d like to say congratulations on 25 years, and pray for many more!