Kyle Crocker: Building Real Relationships

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Kyle Crocker: Building Real Relationships

Anniversaries are a chance to reflect on how we got where we are and where we want to go next. As a person who was there along the way, I have the privilege of sharing my observations on how TKG reached their 25-year anniversary.

I joined The Karcher Group in 2013 as a web marketing specialist. Over the following five years, I helped tackle various challenges, finding my place as a marketing analyst. My job focused on measuring and presenting the real results that are a core component of what TKG does.

Part of my responsibilities included working closely with advertising teams from Google, Bing and Facebook. During those conversations, I was often asked, "What industries do you focus on?" and to describe our ideal customer.

At first, I didn’t have a good answer. Lots of agencies find success by focusing on a very specific niche. They develop a template for an industry and apply to as many opportunities as possible. There’s a lot to be said for this approach. It’s efficient and scales easily. But the tradeoff is often they are not taking the time to understand the problem and provide a great solution. That is what TKG is really good at - taking time to listen. Developing a strategy that addresses the need. And executing it.

Knowing the people and building relationships matters. One of Geoff's favorite ways to get to know someone is to golf with them. Which led me to an answer to those questions: TKG's ideal customer is anyone Geoff can golf with. It may sound silly, but it hits the key point - a client who is willing to put in the time and have the long, detailed conversations to really get to the root of the need. Those were the clients where we were able to make the biggest impact.

A few years after leaving TKG, I’m back, but this time as a client. While there are plenty of new faces on the team, the focus is still on putting people first and delivering results. It’s great to be working with a team I trust to take the time to listen and help us find the best solution.

Congratulations on 25 years, TKG.