COVID-19 Impact

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COVID-19 Impact
By this point you've heard plenty about COVID-19 so we'll go ahead and skip the hand washing lecture. 
What we do want to address is our commitment to you, our friends and clients. We take the term 'partner' seriously. It's why it's written into our values. We consider each and every one of you partners of ours because being a partner goes deeper than being just a client. 
And as partners, we want you to know that we are here for you for whatever you may need during this challenging time. Whether you need help getting a message out to customers, reviewing a communication strategy or just want to talk marketing with someone while you're practicing your social distancing - we're here. 

We're fortunate that our business lends itself very well to working remotely so our team can first attend to the needs of their families, second the needs of our clients. Of course we are also asking anyone with symptoms of any illness at all to remain at home, so it is possible that we might experience more meeting interruptions than normal. To date, we've have had minimal health issues or service interruptions.

We are encouraging our team to extend the offer of virtual meetings to clients and let them make the decision, so you may hear something to that affect from our team.

We are also doing our best to bring appropriate strategy adjustments and recommendations to clients that are in sensitive businesses. If we reach out to you with a recommendation, please know that it is not our goal to “sell” you anything. We just want to bring you the right kind of ideas and messaging. That said, if you or your team would like some assistance with messaging to your customers or employees, we are happy to lend a hand so don’t hesitate to ask.

We are hopeful that the lifestyle adjustments we are all making will be effective and short in duration. We hope the best for all of you, your families and your business.

Stay safe and wash your hands.