Brent Belles: A Partnership Like no Other

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Brent Belles: A Partnership Like no Other

I've known Geoff Karcher and his team since the beginning of my own company, B-Squared, over 20 years ago! After attending hundreds of chamber networking events, galas, camping trips, happy hours, playing many rounds of golf and occasionally attending business meetings (We like to have some fun.) we've developed a pretty darn good relationship. 

With a bond like that of an older and younger brother, our companies have teamed up to help thousands of customers creatively and consistently promote their brand. We've collaboratively created corporate logo apparel, mailing campaigns and all sorts of promotional products for a variety of companies. 

When looking back on our years together, what sticks out to me the most, other than beating Geoff at golf 99.99% of the time (He beat me by one once when I was sick or something...he could've hit me with a club and that's why he beat me.), is 2017, when I decided to outsource a new brand campaign to TKG instead of doing it in-house. 

I was so impressed with the TKG team's research, creativity and professionalism. They're truly a talented, great group of people with a bright future ahead of them. B Seen. B Cool! 

- Brent Belles, Owner of B-Squared Marketing Solutions 

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