Senior Digital Strategy Manager

Zach brings a unique set of talents to TKG. He has worked in nearly every role in a digital marketing firm. His experience in IT, design, development, and strategy has led people to call him a “Zach-of-All-Trades.”

His passion is to serve others with his talents and to develop meaningful relationships to achieve goals. He loves patterns, problem solving and finding ways to streamline experiences to maximize returns.

Zach Zach

Where he gained his knowledge

Zach taught himself to code back in 1998, when he sought to develop the ultimate They Might Be Giants fan page. It was a top-notch multimedia experience, complete with MIDI background music, a visit counter and a friendly reminder that the page was optimized for Netscape Navigator. His proclivities have since been refined (in design and development, anyway, not so much in music).

After he graduated from Lake High School, he attended The Ohio State University where he studied computer engineering and art history, and he graduated with a BFA in art and technology.

He has successfully led more than 100 projects to completion and has a passion for working with eCommerce and manufacturing clients.

Skills and Expertise

  • Problem solving
  • Business strategy
  • eCommerce
  • Web design and development
  • UI / UX optimization


When not at work, Zach's life revolves around

  • His faith, family and friends
  • Landscaping and home improvement
  • Disc golf - he is a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Reading about theology and ancient history

Little known facts

  • He has moved 21 times, and excels at loading a U-haul truck
  • Once slept for 26 hours during finals in college, but thought he took a 2-hour nap
  • Owns a 25-year-old Aquafina water bottle that Michael Jordan drank from (it is probably time to recycle that)

Favorite places on the web