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Online Marketing & Dev Jobs

If you are looking for an online marketing or web development job, then TKG might be a good fit for you. Learn about our company culture and philosophy, check out our open positions and apply online.

Our Philosophy

As an Employer of Choice, TKG is known for our work hard/play hard philosophy.

In fact, we believe play fosters camaraderie, creativity and an overall feeling of well-being. We know from experience that a good game of pool, darts or Mario Kart can help relieve stress and help get rid of the “keyboard hunch.”

When the game is over, it’s back to that “work hard” part. Our dedication and hard work keeps the productivity moving along, so we can create great things for our clients.

Work Hard

When you walk through the front door at TKG (or the back garage door, for that matter), you’ll see that we’re not your average Northeast Ohio business. From the concrete floors to the pool table to the giant floor-to-ceiling photos on our walls, our workspace is far from the typical corporate environment.

The way we approach the Web isn’t typical either. We’re a group of about 35 developers, designers, marketers and salespeople who love being online. We have a natural curiosity and spirit of inventiveness, always thinking about new ways to make the Web useful. We want nothing more than to improve our clients’ online presences.   

So we’re looking for great people who leave no corner of the Web unexplored… people who want to work hard in a fun environment, assume responsibility and help our business and our clients’ businesses grow.

We want employees to start here, then grow and stay, so we promote from within when possible. Even our entry-level programmers and marketers have plenty of responsibility and an opportunity to develop into leaders at TKG.

Play Hard

We like to have lots of fun, too. You may have attended one of our parties, or heard about our weekly Starbucks runs, or seen our Instagram feed full of shenanigans. But “fun,” to us, isn’t just a one-off concept. It’s a philosophy that helps us relax into the right brain space to create the very best work for our clients.

So “fun” is a mindset. Our typical dress code is jeans and hoodies as opposed to suits and ties. In the summer, our staff and their families head out for a long weekend of camping, team building and (maybe) some beer. Each November, the guys grow massive amounts of facial hair for our annual ‘stache contest, while other beardless staffers cook up delicious grub in a foodie Throwdown – Bobby Flay style. 

We have a big deck out back with a grill, a guy who turned his cubicle into a Viking ship and a huge “octomonster” tagged on our back wall, so yeah… we’re a little different. At Christmas, we love to celebrate with a big party for the grown-ups at the Karcher homestead and a fun, kid-centered party hosted at the Hoffman house – sitters included.

Fun is embedded into our DNA, and so is our work ethic. They go hand-in-hand to grow our business and help our clients meet their goals.

If the TKG philosophy resonates with you, browse our available positions and check back often for new opportunities.

People First. Digital Always.
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