TKG acquires Ossa Technology Solutions

The Karcher Group today announced it has acquired Ossa Technology Solutions, LLC, a Managed Services provider based in Hartville, OH.

The merger was completed as of Sept. 16 and all former Ossa Technology clients are currently in the process of being transitioned to TKG.

“Managed Services is an exciting area of growth for TKG that makes a lot of sense for our business,” said Geoff Karcher, president of The Karcher Group. “This allows us to expand our services to our current client base in an area they already look to us for help. Now it becomes a value-added service that fully supports our mission of growing your business.”

TKG was founded by Karcher in 1997 and has grown into a full service digital agency, providing online marketing, web development and data services. The acquisition of Ossa Technology will allow TKG to branch out into formal Managed Services offerings.

A Managed Services provider means that IT professionals troubleshoot, diagnose and fix common computer, network and server issues similar to if a business employed its own IT staff.

“That might mean help desk support, security services, proactive network monitoring, reporting – whatever is needed,” Karcher said. “Those are all critical things that are essential for any business, but often tough to staff for – especially for smaller businesses. Managed services allows for those businesses to get the support they need with a lower, predicable cost.”

Sherlock Ossa started Ossa Technology Solutions in 2006 and established a robust Managed Service platform that is easily tailored to fit individual needs.

“We built a business that I am proud of and I am confident that merging with TKG will be a positive move for everyone involved,” said Sherlock Ossa, president of Ossa Technology Solutions. “The depth of support will increase considerably and teaming with TKG will also allow us to grow an array of services.”

As a part of this acquisition, Sherlock Ossa has joined the TKG team as Data Services manager. He is currently overseeing the transition of all Ossa Technology clients and services to TKG.

“We are excited to grow our business in this way and thrilled to have Sherlock join our team,” Karcher said. “We look forward to welcoming former Ossa Technology clients to TKG and sharing these new opportunities to our existing clients.”

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