How to Assess Searcher Intent to Reach, Deliver, Satisfy, and Convert Your Audience

Stoney deGeyterLearn

Searcher Intent

“Target your audience.” That’s got to be one of the most overused tropes in the marketing industry. It also just so happens to be an extremely critical aspect of ensuring your digital marketing efforts are successful. Sometimes tropes are true. On one level, targeting your audience is simple. Someone searching for motorcycle batteries shouldn’t be driven to a page selling … Read More

415 Group

The Karcher GroupCase Study

415 Group Homepage

How we evolved a brand into a relatable, industry thought leader Our relationship with 415 Group – a certified public accounting, business consulting and IT services firm – goes back to their early days when we helped them develop their website. Over the years, we’ve had the honor of helping them strategically on several levels including sales, marketing, growth and … Read More

Telling Your Story with Images

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Mirror reflection of fjord

Let’s play a quick game of “Would You Rather?”. Would you rather read a 2,500-word article or look at pictures that express the same thing? My hunch is that you picked looking at images over reading. No shame, writing is my job and I picked the same thing. So, we’re in agreement – pictures are worth 1,000 words, if not … Read More

Walsh University

The Karcher GroupCase Study

Walsh case study

How a 20-year partnership became more than just marketing More than 20 years. That’s how long Walsh University has been a partner of The Karcher Group. From building their first professionally built website in the late ’90s to participating in their latest Shark Tank event, we’ve had the privilege of being there through it all. Continuing to put the student … Read More

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

The Karcher GroupCase Study

How we accelerated a global tire and rubber company’s regional online presence We are a proud partner of Goodyear, the worldwide leader in tire and rubber manufacturing. To meet their aggressive business goals, we delivered responsive design, front-end development, programming and testing for 22 consumer and commercial websites across Latin American. Let’s talk strategy. We’re ready when you are.

Top Ways an SSL Protects Your Site Security and Search Authority

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Why you need an SSL to secure your site

There’s nothing worse than putting sensitive information into a site and not knowing if it’s safe or if some Joe Schmo is going to start wracking up your credit card in the next five minutes. This is where the “s” at the end of HTTPS comes into play. It’s more than just an added letter; it’s added security. This security … Read More

The Importance of Site Speed and How to Optimize Yours

James GoldenLearn

Why Site Speed Matters

Is there anyone out there who enjoys waiting for a website to load? For me, the seconds seem to crawl by, I get irritated and then I click another site that loads instantly. This is only one reason why site speed matters. Sure, the design of a website makes an impression, but what about before users get to the homepage? … Read More

ADDYed a Few New Awards Around the Office

The Karcher GroupNews

NORTH CANTON, Ohio, (February 26, 2019) —The Karcher Group (TKG), a full-service marketing agency, received two awards in the 2019 American Advertising Awards, a competition conducted by the American Advertising Federation – Akron (AAF – Akron).

Superior Drainage

The Karcher GroupCase Study

Superior Drainage

Plumbing experts educate their way to more leads When businesses hear the word “content marketing,” many of them—if they don’t feel overwhelmed by the term—ask the question, “Where do I even start?” But for our client, Superior Drainage, it was easy to answer that question. Bridge the gap with content Home maintenance and improvement, especially plumbing, is part of the … Read More

Combi Packaging Systems

The Karcher GroupCase Study

Combi Packaging Systems

How we helped an end-of-line manufacturer raise their bottom line Combi Packaging Systems came to us nearly 10 years ago to help grow their business online. As a subsidiary of 3M, Combi has aggressive sales goals set for them each year by their parent company. These expectations can seem especially daunting when combined with a longer sales cycle. Before they … Read More