13 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Site Is Failing

Stoney deGeyterLearn

Let’s start with the givens:  By all counts, your ecommerce site should be thriving. But it’s not. And you want to know why. You’re not alone. Many otherwise successful ecommerce sites find themselves in the same situation. Of the thirteen issues noted below, any one of them can kill your business. Or at the very least, is a significant contributor … Read More

Inspired Marketing: Lessons from nature

Ashley IkelerLearn

Morning in nature

I can’t say I know it all. Not even close. But that excites me. It means every day, every conversation, every adventure is an opportunity to learn more than I do right now. A brisk walk into the office, a strenuous hike through the canyons or a leisurely stroll through the park are all learning opportunities for me. They might … Read More

Accessibility: Usability for all

Ashley IkelerLearn

Sunset framed by hands making heart shape

I spent a vast majority of my third-grade year in a wheelchair because of a trampoline accident. To say things were hard would be an understatement. Getting dressed? It became a two-person job, one to cut the pants to fit over my massive cast and another to help get them on. Sitting in class for 8 hours a day? Absolute … Read More

UX Party Essentials

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I’m not saying your website is lame. But, if it was your party invite to the world would people RSVP or throw it in the trash? Bear with me. This party analogy is going somewhere, I promise. See, it’s not too far of a stretch to compare user experience (UX) design to planning a party. It’s an enhancement to an … Read More

Teamwork’s New Brand: The highlights and the bloopers

Ashley IkelerLearn

Teamwork logo

Branding and web design are two of our favorite things here at TKG, so when they collided in a Teamwork rebranding initiative, you better believe we took notice. For those wondering what or who Teamwork is, they are your best friend when it comes to project management. Teamwork is a software suite that “frees teams to manage their work so … Read More

Telling Your Story with Images

Ashley IkelerLearn

Mirror reflection of fjord

Let’s play a quick game of “Would You Rather?”. Would you rather read a 2,500-word article or look at pictures that express the same thing? My hunch is that you picked looking at images over reading. No shame, writing is my job and I picked the same thing. So, we’re in agreement – pictures are worth 1,000 words, if not … Read More

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

The Karcher GroupCase Study

How we accelerated a global tire and rubber company’s regional online presence We are a proud partner of Goodyear, the worldwide leader in tire and rubber manufacturing. To meet their aggressive business goals, we delivered responsive design, front-end development, programming and testing for 22 consumer and commercial websites across Latin American. Let’s talk strategy. We’re ready when you are.

The Importance of Site Speed and How to Optimize Yours

James GoldenLearn

Why Site Speed Matters

Is there anyone out there who enjoys waiting for a website to load? For me, the seconds seem to crawl by, I get irritated and then I click another site that loads instantly. This is only one reason why site speed matters. Sure, the design of a website makes an impression, but what about before users get to the homepage? … Read More

Combi Packaging Systems

The Karcher GroupCase Study

Combi Packaging Systems

How we helped an end-of-line manufacturer raise their bottom line Combi Packaging Systems came to us nearly 10 years ago to help grow their business online. As a subsidiary of 3M, Combi has aggressive sales goals set for them each year by their parent company. These expectations can seem especially daunting when combined with a longer sales cycle. Before they … Read More

Wild Republic

The Karcher GroupCase Study

Wild Republic

How a leading toy manufacturer gave customers warm fuzzies by giving back When our client, Wild Republic, partnered with Project Night Night during the holiday season, we were excited to help them execute an online advertising campaign to support the initiative. Project Night Night is a nonprofit organization that provides care packages to children entering homeless shelters across the country. … Read More