What Do Theatre and Marketing Have in Common?

Emily WeissLearn

This comparison is not as apples-to-oranges as one might think. Outside of working in the digital marketing world, one of my hobbies is performing. This means, five nights a week I can be found at a local theater rehearsing lines, learning songs and practicing dances in preparation for a six-show run. As marketers, our work is typically displayed online and … Read More

4 Unique Challenges of B2B Digital Marketing

Stoney deGeyterLearn

Anyone who has been in the business-to-business marketing space for any length of time knows first-hand that it comes with its own particular set of challenges. Unlike marketing to consumers, B2B businesses have to overcome the challenges of longer sales cycles, smaller audience markets, and higher purchase prices. And just as frequently, they have the extra step of generating leads … Read More