Forklift & Truck Equipment SEO Case Study

Forklift & Truck Equipment SEO Case Study

When Fallsway Equipment wanted to increase site leads, the local forklift and truck equipment company turned to TKG to make it happen.

Fallsway approached TKG in 2013 to create a new website that would promote the company’s exclusive forklift distribution agreement in the greater Akron/Youngstown region as well as their premier truck equipment capabilities across Ohio and neighboring states.

TKG wrote and optimized product and service content on, created a Fallsway blog and implemented a live chat feature to increase customer engagement and online conversions. By improving the quality and depth of content, refreshing the design, and integrating relevant keywords throughout, we were able to boost organic site traffic, generate new leads and increase customer interactions, ultimately leading to more sales.

Don’t take it from us, though. Check out the results for yourself:

The Results

Results calculated year over year, comparing Q1 and Q2, 2014 to Q1 and Q2, 2015:

  • 71 percent organic traffic growth
  • 42 percent increase in site leads
  • 45 percent increase in web-exclusive phone calls

We continue to support Fallsway’s online marketing efforts and expect to see continued success in the future.

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