If you’re a local business targeting a specific local or regional audience, your SEO strategy must be similarly targeted. A central Ohio-based contractor, for instance, needs central Ohio-based leads, not leads from 1,000 miles away.

Local search is ideal for medical professionals, contractors, realtors, restaurants, retailers, or any business that draws its customer base from a limited geographic area.

Local search has taken the place of dusty “yellows,” so it’s imperative (really, it is!) that local consumers be able to find your products and services online. At TKG, we have a deep understanding and experience with local organic results, maps results, and mobile-friendly site content.

We’ll make sure your business is on the map (literally), appears prominently in local search results, and gains the competitive edge using these tactics:

  • Locally-focused competitor analysis
  • Locally-focused keyword research
  • Optimized local search engine and business listings
  • Optimized maps results
  • Content with a specific local-audience appeal
  • Locally-focused social media strategies and interactions
  • Mobile-friendly web marketing and design
Don’t let your local business get lost online. Contact TKG about increasing the exposure of your business to local customers.